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Canon is known for its high-quality prints, whether in documents or photos. Newer models tend to feature enhanced print resolutions for crisper images. Sharp images improve the overall aesthetics of the document. They capture attention, making the content more engaging and appealing to the audience. Finding the best Canon dealership is easy, read on!

Consistency in image quality across various materials establishes a recognizable and professional brand image. In essence, a sharp image enhances the overall quality of a document, facilitating better understanding, professionalism, and visual appeal, all of which contribute to effectively conveying your message or information. 

What changes are coming in 2024 from Canon Copiers? 

In 2024, Canon is focusing on enhancing workflow efficiency, security, cost management, device and fleet management, quality, reliability, and sustainability. They feature intuitive touchscreens, consistent interfaces, and customization options. Security is advanced with comprehensive threat insights and protective technology.

Cost management tools include tracking and restricting usage. Devices are designed for easy deployment and maintenance, with regular updates for consistency. Quality and reliability are emphasized with award-winning technology, and sustainability efforts include energy-efficient designs and recyclable materials. 

Consider the speed on Your Canon Copiers 

Considering the speed of printers when purchasing an allow in one printer scanner is vital.  There’s often an improvement in print speeds with each new iteration, allowing for faster document and photo printing.  Overall, aligning the printer speed with your printing demands ensures optimal performance, reduces downtime, improves workflow, and helps manage resources effectively. It’s about finding the balance between the required output and the capabilities of the printer to ensure efficient and smooth operations. 


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Canon Connectivity Options 

Canon printers usually offer versatile connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and sometimes NFC (Near Field Communication), allowing for convenient wireless printing from various devices. Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless technology that enables communication between devices when they’re brought within close proximity—typically within a few centimeters or inches of each other. It operates on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and allows for contactless data transfer and communication between devices like smartphones, tablets, payment terminals, and more.  

NFC enables devices to establish a connection swiftly and securely by simply bringing them close together, often by tapping or holding them in proximity. 

What is Cloud Connector? 

Cloud Connector is an intuitive application seamlessly linking imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX, imagePRESS Lite, and compatible imagePRESS models with chosen cloud services. Elevating your printing and scanning capabilities effortlessly, without intricate backend system setups.  You can access connectors for email, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint with ease and efficiency. 

Additionally, Canon has user-friendly, intuitive interfaces, making it easier for users to navigate settings, connect devices, and operate the printer efficiently.  In 2024 look for improved support for mobile printing apps, allowing users to print directly from smartphones and tablets. 

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Why does my office need an Updated or New Canon? 

New machines often increase productivity and can actually be, over the long term, more cost efficient.  Many newer printers are designed to be more energy-efficient, consuming less power during operation. Some newer models use ink or toner more efficiently, reducing the overall cost per page. High-yield cartridges or tanks, as well as ink-saving modes, help minimize the frequency of replacements and lower consumable expenses over time. Printers equipped with automatic duplexing (automatic double-sided printing) capabilities can print on both sides of a page, saving paper costs significantly. 

Energy-saving modes, automatic sleep or shutdown functions when not in use, and compliance with energy efficiency standards contribute to reduced energy costs. 


What features do I need on my New Canon Copier? 

Remote printing, enabling you to print from various devices without being directly connected to the printer. This eliminates the need for multiple physical connections and reduces the expenses associated with cables or infrastructure. 

Newer models often come with improved technology that reduces maintenance requirements. They may have better mechanisms to prevent paper jams, easier access for user maintenance tasks, and longer-lasting components, reducing the need for frequent repairs or servicing. 

Some modern printers come with management tools that allow administrators to monitor usage, set print quotas, or enforce print policies. This can help control and optimize printing practices, minimizing unnecessary printing and reducing costs. 

Investing in a new printer often means obtaining a more reliable device with fewer breakdowns or malfunctions, reducing downtime and associated costs related to repairs or replacements. 

While the upfront cost of a new printer might seem high, the long-term savings from reduced energy consumption, efficient consumable usage, and minimized maintenance expenses can make newer models more cost-effective over time compared to older or less efficient printers. 

How Can My Canon Help My Company Meet Sustainability Goals? 

Perhaps the biggest trend for 2024 involves green printing.  These can include energy-saving modes, duplex printing for paper conservation, and the use of eco-friendly inks or cartridges. In a groundbreaking initiative back in 1990, Canon pioneered the collection and recycling of used copier toner cartridges. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of customers, Canon has globally collected over 444,000 tons to date, contributing to a sustainable and eco-conscious approach.  Canon’s imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX 719iF/719iFZ/619iF/619iFZ/529iF/529iFZ models embody a commitment to environmental sustainability throughout their life cycle stages: Production, Utilization, and Recycling. Pioneering technologies integrated into these models emphasize Energy Conservation, Resource Preservation, and Pollution Prevention, serving as the cornerstone of Canon’s Environmental Management System.   

Canon utilizes energy saving laser tube technology and rapid fusing technology with a quick warm up cycle which reduces in-use energy.  They also have a variety of sleep recovery triggers that help encourage the use of Sleep Mode, to minimize power consumption. Power consumption in sleep mode is as low as 0.90 W!   

Many Canon printers have earned recognition from leading industry analysts for their innovation, design, and environmental features. 

Are Canon Copiers Secure? 

Security is a huge 2024 trend.  The imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX and imagePRESS Lite platforms provide an array of security features ensuring the confidentiality, accessibility, and availability of your data. For enhanced reassurance, both imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX and imagePRESS Lite models are compatible with McAfee Embedded Control, reinforcing peace of mind. 

If you find any of these features intriguing it makes sense to contact a us for a Risk Free Environment Assessment.  There are many great options in printers for 2024 and our experts can help you find the one just right for your printing, scanning coping needs.    


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