Toner pirates are scammers that seek out businesses who may have separate individuals managing supply ordering and accounts payable.   The larger the organization the more at risk they may be to the scam.


 I am very pleased with the attentive, immediate, and professional service we received and am grateful to have service that is focused on customer satisfaction rather than just passing the buck to the next guy. Keep up the excellent work!


With students grades 9-12, every day at Saint John Paul is different, yet behind the scenes, the high school operates with all the functions of any other type of business with departments including finance, human resources, administration, IT and more.


With such a long and successful history in the mortgage lending and servicing industry, McCue Mortgage accumulated a collection of paper documents. The company’s Vice President, Melanie McCue, explained that the documentation for a mortgage loan file can quickly exceed 200 pages. These files have a mandatory retention period of the life of the loan plus an additional 7 years. With 5,000 loans in the office, many loan files had to be stored off-site, causing delays when a file was retrieved.

Automated Business Technologies now offers Managed IT Services.  Our team will review and test any updates prior to launch into your environment.  As issues appear, our team will resolve the issues and typically release the patch, or in some cases stall the update, quickly.  In most cases, your team will not experience downtime, or issue.