EOS is built on the premise that many businesses issues stem from a lack of clarity, communication, and accountability within an organization. If this sounds like your business, then definitely keep reading.  EOS provides a holistic framework that addresses these issues and focuses on helping businesses achieve their long-term goals.


Each time we connect with a business, we spend time getting to know the organization and their goals. We initiate a Risk Free Assessment to identify gaps in the security and data management before we begin to make recommendations.


As in business, it is impossible to know exactly what direction courageous and transparent communication will go.  Discussion and discovery might be the most valuable elements of the meetings.


Serving the healthcare industry can offer some unique challenges. In situations where information sharing is critical, literally lifesaving, uptime is vital.  Their experiences in pediatric care, burn treatment and other trauma, with 500 locations serving 49 states, provide a unique needs assessment.


Sugarwish had experienced dramatic growth during Covid lockdowns, as consumers found a sweet way to gift contact-free.  The volume of gift fulfillment had reached a point where they had realized the value of bringing the printing of their stationary production in-house.


Not all printers were created equal, the number one type of little device we get calls for are small inkjet printers that someone has had for the last 5 years and everyone always follows that up by adding “it has been just the best little printer, until…”