Wondering what Cyber Security Month means to Your Business? It’s evolved since over the last couple of decades, learn what considerations you should take!


Each time we connect with a business, we spend time getting to know the organization and their goals. We initiate a Risk Free Assessment to identify gaps in the security and data management before we begin to make recommendations.


We recently connected with Deputy JD Knight of the Centennial Police Department in Centennial, CO.  We discussed the process of writing a grant application for the Non-Profit Security Grant Program (NSGP).  Deputy Knight has spent his life in the Front Range community and has worked to make the community safer.  Currently his full-time focus is helping Faith Non-Profit Organizations be as secure as possible in the communities they serve. 


Copiers and printers are essential tools for creating and managing documents, but have you ever considered the advantages of networking these devices?

As a business owner, your vigilance against these treacherous codes must be constant. Cybersecurity firms both within and beyond Colorado are tirelessly working to identify and neutralize these threats before they cause substantial harm.

Traditionally, cyber threats were viewed as external menaces originating from the broader internet. However, the strategies of hackers have evolved, rendering old defenses like firewalls and antivirus software insufficient. Nowadays, attacks can emerge from various sources, both inside and outside your network.

While it might seem like a budget-friendly solution, there are hidden ways it could end up costing you more money than you realize. Let’s dive into the potential pitfalls

When someone is tricked into allowing access to malware through things such as a dangerous email, using an unsafe USB, going to the wrong website or something else, the malware can do just about anything. Malware today is encrypted so well that it is practically invisible to firewalls and IDS/IPS systems.

Toner pirates, also known as toner scams or toner fraud, are unethical and fraudulent practices in the office supply industry. These scams target businesses and organizations of all verticals and sizes that use printers and photocopiers by exploiting their supply purchasing processes.