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Toner pirates, also known as toner scams or toner fraud, are unethical and fraudulent practices in the office supply industry. These scams target businesses and organizations of all verticals and sizes that use printers and photocopiers by exploiting their supply purchasing processes.

What are Toner Pirates?

Here’s how Toner Pirates Typically Operate:

  1. Unsolicited Calls:

Toner pirates often contact businesses via phone calls, claiming to be representatives from a legitimate office supply company or a service provider associated with their printers or copiers.

  1. False Sales Pitch:

During the call, the toner pirate may misrepresent themselves as authorized vendors or state that they have a special offer on printer or copier toner cartridges, claiming it is at a significantly discounted price.

  1. Pressure Tactics:

They may use high-pressure sales tactics, such as limited-time offers or claiming that the business needs to buy immediately to secure the deal.

  1. Delivery of Overpriced or Fake Toner:

 Once the business agrees to the purchase, the toner pirate ships overpriced, low-quality, or even counterfeit toner cartridges that may not work correctly or even damage the printers and copiers.

  1. Difficulty in Returns:

If the business realizes the scam and tries to return the products or cancel the order, the toner pirates make it challenging or nearly impossible to do so.

What is a “Toner Pirate’s” Goal?

The main goal of Toner Pirate scammers is to trick your businesses into purchasing expensive toner cartridges at inflated prices or toner that is of inferior quality. In some cases, your business may receive toner you did not order and find yourselves stuck with the unwanted products.

To avoid falling victim to toner pirates, your business should be cautious when dealing with unsolicited sales calls and should always verify the legitimacy of the company before making any purchases.

It is also essential to have clear protocols in place for purchasing office supplies and to only order from trusted and reputable vendors. Keep your employees in the loop of supply practices so that there are no gaps in holidays or leaves that leave your team vulnerable.


What other gaps in security do toner pirates create?

Apart from the financial losses and deceptive practices, toner pirates can create several other security gaps and risks for your business:

  • Data Breaches:

 In some cases, toner pirates may try to gather sensitive information from your business during their fraudulent calls. They might pretend to update your company’s toner supply records and ask for details such as employee names, addresses, or even credit card information. This could lead to potential data breaches and identity theft.

  • Compromised Devices:

If the toner cartridges sold by the pirates are of poor quality or counterfeit, they could damage the printers and copiers. Malfunctioning devices might lead to disruptions in daily operations and incur additional repair costs.

  • Business Reputation:

Falling victim to toner pirates can harm a business’s reputation, especially if they inadvertently purchase counterfeit or low-quality products. Clients and partners may lose trust in the company’s ability to handle security and vendor relationships.

  • Legal Implications:

In some cases, toner pirates may use misleading or fraudulent contracts to bind your business into long-term agreements for toner supply. These contracts might have unfavorable terms or hidden fees, which could lead to legal disputes and financial liabilities.

  • Productivity Loss:

Dealing with toner pirates and resolving the aftermath of the scam can be time-consuming for businesses. Employees might have to dedicate valuable time and resources to rectify the situation, impacting overall productivity.

  • Increased Vulnerability to Other Scams:

Falling for one type of scam, such as toner fraud, may indicate to scammers that the business is susceptible to other fraudulent activities. This could lead to the business being targeted for various scams in the future.

  • Lack of Vendor Accountability:

Toner pirates often operate under fictitious names or constantly change their business identities, making it difficult for affected businesses to hold them accountable or report their activities to authorities.

To mitigate these security gaps, your business should educate your employees about toner scams and other types of fraud. Implementing strict purchasing policies, verifying vendors’ authenticity, and conducting background checks on new vendors can also help prevent falling victim to toner pirates. It’s crucial for you and your employees to maintain a vigilant and proactive approach to protect their security and finances.


How can Managed Print Services thwart Toner Pirate schemes?

Managed Print Services (MPS) can play a significant role in thwarting toner pirate schemes and protecting businesses from falling victim to such fraudulent activities. Here are some ways in which MPS can help prevent toner scams:

  1. Authorized Vendor Relationships: MPS providers typically have established relationships with reputable and legitimate toner suppliers. By using MPS, your business can ensure that they only purchase toner cartridges from authorized vendors, reducing the risk of dealing with toner pirates.
  2. Centralized Print Management: MPS involves centralizing print management, which means the MPS provider keeps track of the company’s printer and copier fleet, toner usage, and supply levels. This reduces the chance of unauthorized individuals or fraudulent vendors gaining access to your company’s print environment.
  3. Supplier Verification: MPS providers often vet and verify the vendors they work with. They ensure that the vendors are reputable and trustworthy, minimizing the likelihood of dealing with toner pirates who may otherwise attempt to exploit the business.
  4. Contractual Safeguards: MPS agreements typically include detailed contracts that outline the terms of service, pricing, and expected deliverables. These contracts are designed to protect businesses from deceptive practices and ensure transparency in the relationship.
  5. Regular Audits and Reporting: MPS providers conduct regular audits and generate reports on print usage and supply consumption. These reports can help detect any anomalies or suspicious activities related to toner purchases, raising red flags if there are any unauthorized transactions.
  6. Employee Education: MPS providers often offer training and educational resources for employees regarding print security and best practices. This can help employees recognize potential toner pirate scams and understand the proper procedures for ordering supplies.
  7. Monitoring and Alert Systems: MPS providers may implement monitoring and alert systems that notify businesses of unusual or unexpected print-related activities. This includes any sudden surge in toner orders or attempts to change suppliers without proper authorization.
  8. Secure Ordering and Delivery Processes: MPS providers may set up secure ordering systems that require proper authentication before allowing toner orders. They may also use secure delivery channels to ensure that the purchased toner reaches the intended destination.
  9. Clear Escalation Procedures: MPS providers typically have clear escalation procedures in case of suspicious activities or fraud attempts. This ensures that any potential issues are addressed promptly and effectively.

By utilizing Managed Print Services, your business can not only optimize your print environment but also add an extra layer of security against toner pirate schemes.

MPS providers offer expertise, resources, and technology to safeguard businesses from falling victim to toner fraud while streamlining print-related processes and reducing costs. To get started with MPS today, reach out in the chat!


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