Managed IT Services

Whether your organization is small or enterprise, ABTs Managed IT Services can compliment or complete your IT department. Cost savings and 24/7 watch over all your entire IT environment. When you hand off your technology hassles to us, you leave your IT troubles behind.

Advanced security for endpoints, SOC monitoring, incident response and remediation services to stop active threat and minimize harm. Powered by SentinelOne. (Includes a $1M guarantee against ransomware attacks) 

Complete SIEM services and SOC support with real‐time alerting, network log and activity monitoring to help you demonstrate compliance. Powered by EventTracker.

Year‐round end‐user security training with monthly threat analysis and testing. 

ABT provides the complete foundational protection to effectively meet the security needs of SMB organizations. The solution combines intelligent profiling and alerting technology with support from our Security Operations Center (SOC) facility, empowering SMBs to build and enforce end‐to‐end security policies for their users.

Back-end refers all services and applications running behind-the-scenes.  This is often referred to what an organization’s network and server system runs on: i.e. “We are using Unitrends on the ‘backend’ for our disaster recovery” … “we run Linux servers on the ‘backend’ to service our databases.”

A bit (short for binary digit) is the smallest unit of measurement in computing.  8 bits make up 1 byte.

Bluetooth is a wireless communications technology intended to replace cables. It allows short-range connections between two or more Bluetooth-compatible devices such as mobile phones, tables, headsets, or medical equipment.

Broadband is a type of communications technology whereby a single wire can carry more than one type of signal at once, for example, audio and video. Cable TV is one technology that uses broadband data transmission.

When you download (read) a web page, the data is “cached,” meaning it is temporarily stored on your computer.  The next time you want that page, instead of requesting the file from the web server, your web browser just accesses it from the cache, so the page loads quickly.  The downside to this is that if the cached web page is often updated, you may miss the latest version.  If you suspect that the web page you’re seeing is not the latest version, use the “refresh” button on your browser.

Computer-aided design (CAD) is a type of software that allows users to create 2D and 3D design and modeling. CAD is used by architects, engineers, artists and other professionals to create precise technical drawings.

Cloud computing refers to the storing and accessing of data and programs over the internet instead of on another type of hard drive. Examples of Cloud services including Teams, OneDrive, Amazon Web Services, iCloud, Google Cloud and Dropbox.

Compression is the reduction of the size of a file.  Compressed files take up less memory and can be downloaded or sent over the internet more quickly.