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Advanced security for endpoints, SOC monitoring, incident response and remediation services to stop active threat and minimize harm. Powered by SentinelOne. (Includes a $1M guarantee against ransomware attacks) 

Complete SIEM services and SOC support with real‐time alerting, network log and activity monitoring to help you demonstrate compliance. Powered by EventTracker.

Year‐round end‐user security training with monthly threat analysis and testing. 

ABT provides the complete foundational protection to effectively meet the security needs of SMB organizations. The solution combines intelligent profiling and alerting technology with support from our Security Operations Center (SOC) facility, empowering SMBs to build and enforce end‐to‐end security policies for their users.

Protecting your business from the ever-present threat of a cybersecurity attack requires a proactive and strategic approach. Partnering with a managed cybersecurity provider is a powerful step in fortifying your defenses. These experts specialize in understanding the dynamic threat landscape, crafting tailored defense strategies, and implementing advanced technologies to shield your business. With a managed provider, you gain real-time monitoring, rapid incident response, and the latest security updates, all managed by a team of professionals dedicated to your security. By entrusting your cybersecurity to experts, you can focus on your core business while ensuring that your digital assets remain secure and resilient against potential threats.