4 Benefits of Adding Backup and Disaster Recovery

4 Benefits of Adding Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your business is an accomplishment of your efforts, hard work and decisive action.

Business moves faster now than ever before. The success you’ve earned has likely come through long term efforts, hard fought investments and dedication to excellence. Obviously, you want to protect that.

The digital space has gone from effecting accounts to becoming the central “heart” of all that you do, keeping your business nimble. Your data is now a critical component in your business success. Studies show over and over that data loss can full stop force your business to halt activities. The financial burden and customer trust loss risks associated with your down time are massive with long term negative effects.

Adding a backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution to your business’ technology stack can protect you from the risks associated with data loss, however not all BDR solutions are created equal. Having ABTs BDR Preferred, our backup and disaster recovery solution, has numerous benefits beyond file restoration.

Be Prepared for any Disaster

ˆOf course having a BDR solution is a good place to start, but don’t be fooled into thinking that you want to use it for the first time during a data-loss event. I can’t say this more clearly, not all disaster recovery efforts are the same. 

Different disaster types should be recovered from differently. For example, your response to a natural disaster, think floods or fire, would and should be different from and agent attack like a cybersecurity attack or operator error.

ABTs BDR Premier solution gives us the ability to simulate and test and “recover” from a coordinated disaster recovery scenario in which we confirm that all the necessary technology is where it should be. We ensure your team is trained and that all the necessary procedures are in place so that your data is restored as quickly as possible. Our experts will curate a business continuity plan that custom fits to your business.

Cost Savings

Let’s face it, in any disaster scenario, the rate by which you can regain operations and restore continuity (reestablishing online systems, your client and business data and all operational functionality) is what determines the impact and extent of financial loss.

Advancements in cloud technology now offer your size business an unprecedented opportunities and resources that were once only available to large enterprise organizations with deeper pockets.

Specifically speaking to backup, a cloud-based storage can help your business drastically reduce the cost of data replication, offsite storage, and more. 

The final result is that in the event of a disaster, we can fire up virtual servers in the cloud and get your business back online in hours instead of days, lessening your financial loss. And, with our continuous data protection technology, we will always have the most current backup of your system—affording you the opportunity to get back to business, drive revenue and restore employee productivity. 

Ongoing Peace of Mind 

Just like any of your other technology, a Backup Disaster Recovery solution is only be effective when maintained, sadly many BDR solutions on the market are put in place and subsequently abandoned.

With Automated Business Technologies, our team of Colorado based experts are constantly checking that your industry-standard, AES-256 encrypted data backups are verified, so that they will always be reliable and ready when you unexpectedly need them.

In the end, backup and disaster recovery is about business peace of mind. Hardware fails, employees make mistakes, security breaches are on the rise and natural disasters are unpredictable and unavoidable; even in the face of unpredictable events, you can rest assured that you have a reliable solution and a reliable local team in place at all times.

Knowing your business’ data can survive with the help of our team is invaluable, and will enable you to confidently move your business successfully forward.  

Reach out today for a risk-free BDR evaluation of your organization!

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