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In the space of wide format printing, KIP stands out as a pivotal player, consistently delivering robust and innovative solutions tailored to the demands of diverse industries. Known for their precision, reliability, and efficiency, KIP wide format printers and plotters serve a broad spectrum of professional needs, from architectural designs to large-scale commercial advertisements.

This blog explores the different models within the KIP lineup, their specifications, applications across various industries, the history of the KIP line, and the intrinsic value of KIP managed print services.

KIP’s Legacy in Wide Format Printing

KIP, established in the early 1980s, quickly became synonymous with high-quality and technologically advanced wide format printing solutions. Originally focusing on creating blueprint machines for the architecture and engineering sectors, KIP evolved to incorporate digital technologies, becoming a leader in toner-based printing. The transition from analog to digital systems marked a significant turn in KIP’s history, enhancing the speed, quality, and usability of its printers and plotters.

KIP’s Modern Models and Specifications

KIP has consistently innovated its product line to include models that cater to varying needs, ranging from compact, low-volume units to high-volume, multifunction systems. Some of the notable models in their current lineup include:

  • KIP 660: A true workhorse, the KIP 660 delivers exceptional color and monochrome print quality. It is equipped with a built-in touchscreen for ease of use and supports cloud printing and scanning, making it ideal for environments where time and quality are of the essence.
  • KIP 860: Designed for high-demand environments, the KIP 860 offers dual-footprint configuration which allows for multifunction capabilities without sacrificing space. It’s perfect for large-scale projects that require both speed and precision.
  • KIP 940: A high-capacity model that offers both color and black-and-white printing. This printer is suited for producing high volumes of professional-quality prints with reduced operational costs, thanks to its advanced ink management technology.

Industry Usage: From Architecture to Advertising

KIP printers and plotters are versatile tools that span multiple industries. In architecture and engineering, precision is paramount, and KIP devices meet this requirement with high-definition prints that bring blueprints and technical drawings to life. In the advertising sector, the ability to produce vibrant large-scale banners and posters quickly and efficiently makes KIP a preferred choice. Additionally, the government and manufacturing sectors utilize KIP’s wide format solutions for their reliability and ability to handle large print jobs with consistent quality.

So, Does Your Business Need A KIP?

If you think your office needs a wide format printer or plotter, then odds are you’re likely right. We’ve put together a few examples of different industry use cases to help you visualize the possiblities.

  1. Architecture and Engineering Firms: These are primary users of KIP wide format printers, relying on them for accurate and detailed prints of architectural drawings, blueprints, and schematics. Professionals such as architects, civil engineers, and construction managers often use these printers.
  2. Construction Companies: Large construction firms also form a significant part of the user base, utilizing wide format printers for site plans, blueprints, and construction documents that need to be large and easy to read.
  3. Manufacturing Industry: Manufacturing companies, especially those involved in the design and production of large machinery or equipment, use wide format printers to produce detailed assembly diagrams and parts blueprints.
  4. Government and Municipalities: Local government offices use wide format printers for urban planning and public works. This includes everything from city planning maps to public transportation schematics.
  5. Advertising and Graphic Design: The advertising sector uses wide format printers to create striking promotional materials, including banners, posters, and retail store displays. Graphic designers also rely on these printers for producing high-quality visuals at large scales.
  6. Educational Institutions: Universities, colleges, and some schools, particularly those with strong programs in architecture, engineering, or design, often have KIP wide format printers available for student use.
  7. Printing and Copy Shops: These businesses often serve as a hub for those needing occasional access to wide format printing, catering to small business owners, local artists, and the general public for various large-format printing needs.

What about the competition, who has the best wide format devices?

KIP wide format printers and plotters face competition from several reputable manufacturers that produce similar equipment tailored for industries requiring large-scale and high-quality printing solutions. Here are some of the main competitors:

  • Canon: Known for their imagePROGRAF series, Canon offers a range of wide format printers that are popular in the graphic arts, photography, and technical document markets.
  • HP (Hewlett-Packard): HP provides a broad lineup of wide format printers, including the DesignJet and PageWide series, which are well-regarded for their speed, efficiency, and print quality, catering to both design professionals and commercial printers.
  • Epson: Epson’s SureColor series is another strong competitor, known for exceptional print quality and reliability, frequently used in graphic design, commercial printing, and photography.
  • Xerox: While more renowned for their office and digital presses, Xerox also offers wide format printers that serve professional printing needs in architecture, engineering, and construction sectors.
  • Ricoh: Ricoh’s portfolio includes wide format printers that are ideal for CAD/GIS markets and graphic arts, known for their robust performance and support for a variety of media types.
  • Océ-Canon: Océ specializes in engineering, manufacturing, and distributing large format printing systems, including a variety of printers and plotters that compete directly with KIP’s offerings.

Brand/ModelPrint SpeedResolutionMedia HandlingInk TechnologyPrimary Use Cases
KIP 8606 D/A1 per minute600 x 2400 dpiDual rollToner-basedArchitecture, Engineering
Canon imagePROGRAF TX-40003 D/A1 per minute2400 x 1200 dpiSingle rollPigment InkCAD, GIS, Posters
HP DesignJet T26003 D/A1 per minute2400 x 1200 dpiDual rollDye-based and Pigment InkGraphic Design, Engineering
Epson SureColor T54702 D/A1 per minute2400 x 1200 dpiSingle rollPigment InkGraphic Design, Commercial Printing
Xerox IJP 200020 A1/D per minute1600 x 1600 dpiSingle rollDye-basedHigh-volume Posters, Retail Graphics
Ricoh MP CW2201SP3.8 D/A1 per minute600 x 600 dpiDual rollPigment InkCAD, GIS, AEC

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The Value of KIP Managed Print Services

Optimizing printer performance and ensuring longevity are crucial for businesses relying on wide format printing. KIP’s managed print services offer a solution that maximizes uptime and minimizes costs through proactive maintenance and on-demand support. These services include regular check-ups, immediate repairs, and continuous monitoring of printer health, ensuring that every print job meets the highest standards of quality. For businesses, this means less downtime, reduced waste, and better resource management, translating into higher productivity and profitability.

KIP wide format printers and plotters represent a blend of historical excellence and modern technology, with each model designed to meet specific industry needs. Whether for creating detailed architectural drawings or eye-catching promotional materials, KIP provides reliable and efficient printing solutions. Furthermore, with KIP managed print services, businesses can maintain peak operational efficiency, ensuring that their wide format printing capabilities are always ready to deliver on demand. In a world where precision and reliability can define success, KIP stands as a beacon of quality and innovation.

If you’re looking to enhance the precision and efficiency of your large-scale printing tasks, consider the advanced capabilities of KIP wide format printers and plotters. Tailored to meet the needs of professionals across various industries, these machines promise reliability and superior print quality.

To explore how a KIP wide format printer can transform your workflow, or to schedule a live demonstration, contact us today. Leverage the power of KIP’s technology to ensure that your projects always stand out with exceptional clarity and detail. Let’s discuss how KIP can support your business’s specific needs and help you achieve new levels of productivity and excellence.

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