The Advantages of Wide Format Printers for Builders & Large Real Estate Agencies

The Best Wide Format Printers for Builders & Real Estate | Authorized Dealership

In the fast-paced worlds of construction and real estate, the ability to produce large-scale, high-quality prints quickly and efficiently can be a game-changer. Wide format printers have emerged as a vital tool for these industries, enabling professionals to bring their printing needs in-house. This shift not only saves time and money but also enhances workflow efficiency.

Among the leading choices in this market are the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO series, the Xerox Versant line, and the Epson SureColor printers. Each of these has specific strengths tailored to the demands of builders and real estate corporations.

The In-House Use Cases for Builders

Builders benefit enormously from wide format printers, using them to print detailed architectural plans, blueprints, and construction documents. These printers must handle complex graphics and provide precise color accuracy to ensure that detailed plans are communicated clearly to all stakeholders. Speed and efficiency are also crucial, as the construction industry often operates on tight deadlines.

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO Series

Known for its superb color accuracy and consistency, this series is particularly suitable for detailed architectural renderings. Its ability to handle large files and print them rapidly without losing detail makes it an invaluable asset on any construction site.

Epson SureColor

Epson’s SureColor printers are celebrated for their high-speed output and exceptional detail. These printers are capable of handling a wide variety of media types, making them versatile for printing everything from glossy presentations to durable site-ready documents.

The In-House Wide Format Use Cases for Real Estate Agencies

For real estate corporations, the ability to produce vibrant, eye-catching promotional materials in-house can be a significant advantage. Wide format printers allow for the creation of high-quality banners, flyers, floor plans, and site signs which are essential for sales and marketing purposes.

Xerox Versant:

With outstanding color management and media flexibility, the Xerox Versant line is excellent for marketing materials that need to make a strong visual impact. Fast turnaround times and ease of use make these printers well-suited for real estate offices where time is often of the essence.

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO Series

The PRO series not only excels at technical documents but also at producing stunning photo prints. This makes it ideal for real estate firms that need to print high-quality images for listings or client presentations.

Here’s a bar chart that clearly compares the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO series, the Xerox Versant, and the Epson SureColor lines across several key attributes:

  • Print Quality: The Canon imagePROGRAF PRO series leads with the highest rating, indicating superior print quality ideal for detailed visual needs.
  • Print Speed: The Xerox Versant stands out in print speed, advantageous for scenarios where rapid output is essential.
  • Media Versatility: The Epson SureColor scores the highest in media versatility, reflecting its ability to handle diverse types of printing materials.
  • Industry Suitability: Canon maintains a high rating in industry suitability, demonstrating its overall effectiveness in meeting the specific demands of both construction and real estate sectors.

This visualization helps in assessing which printer might best meet the needs based on different priorities like quality, speed, and versatility. ​

The Value of Bringing Printing In-House

Cost Efficiency: Outsourcing large format printing can be costly, especially when dealing with high volumes of prints. By investing in a wide format printer, companies can dramatically reduce their cost per print and avoid markup from external print shops.

Time Savings: Having a wide format printer on-site allows for immediate production of necessary documents and materials, reducing the turnaround time often associated with outsourcing. This can be crucial when deadlines are tight and last-minute changes are common.

Control and Flexibility: In-house printing gives businesses full control over their print jobs, from the quality of the paper used to the color accuracy of the prints. This is particularly important for industries where precision is critical, such as in building plans or marketing materials for high-value real estate properties.

Security: Keeping sensitive projects in-house can also protect intellectual property and client confidentiality, an important consideration for both builders and real estate firms.

Why should you partner with a locally owned & operated wide format vendor?

Partnering with ABT for leasing and managed print services can offer significant advantages, particularly when integrating wide format printers into your business operations. Local vendors often provide more personalized service, understanding the unique needs and challenges of their clients better than larger, impersonal corporations. This can translate into more tailored solutions and quicker, more reliable support.

Local vendors, like ABT, may also offer flexible leasing options, making high-end printers like the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO series, Xerox Versant, or Epson SureColor more accessible without requiring a large upfront investment. This flexibility can be crucial for adapting to business growth or changes in demand without straining financial resources.

Additionally, managed print services provided by local vendors can significantly reduce the burden of maintenance and supply management. These services typically include regular maintenance, automatic supply replenishment, and on-call technical support, ensuring that printers are always running optimally. This not only minimizes downtime but also helps in forecasting operating costs more accurately, thereby improving budget management.

Overall, working with a local vendor for your printing needs promotes a partnership that can lead to improved efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced service quality, all of which are vital for businesses looking to gain an edge in the competitive fields of building and real estate.


For builders and real estate corporations, the integration of a wide format printer into their daily operations can lead to significant benefits. Whether it’s the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO series, the Xerox Versant, or the Epson SureColor, each line offers unique strengths that can meet the diverse needs of these industries. By bringing printing in-house, companies not only enjoy greater cost efficiency and time savings but also gain flexibility and control over their printing needs, ensuring they can keep pace with the demands of the market.


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