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KIP | Slow Scanning | Document Protection

0:05 Welcome to Kip insights I’m Phil Kip

0:07 Technical Communications Manager and

0:09 today we’re diving into the world of

0:11 slow scanning and why it’s an absolute

0:13 breakthrough especially when handling

0:16 delicate or historical documents. Kip’s

0:18 remarkable scanning solutions give you

0:20 the power to slow the scan speed down.

0:22 Now there’s no denying that scanning

0:24 technology has come a long way but not

0:26 all documents are created equal. Some

0:28 require a more touch especially if

0:31 they’re delicate or documents that have

0:33 been handled repeatedly. That’s where

0:35 Kips wide-format scanners come in. For

0:38 extra protection of tattered or torn

0:41 documents, Kip scanners are compatible

0:43 with carrier sheets. This innovative

0:45 feature adds an extra layer of care to

0:47 ensure your documents are scanned

0:49 without causing further

0:53 damage with the embedded touchscreen or

0:56 included Kip software. Kip Image Pro you

0:59 have complete complete control over the

1:00 scanning process but when you’re dealing

1:02 with delicate or older originals, slowing

1:04 down the scan speed can make all the

1:09 difference. Let’s say you have a fragile

1:11 map delicate blueprint or antique

1:13 drawing these documents demand extra

1:16 care. With Kip scanners you can adjust

1:18 the speed and ensure a gentle

1:20 non-intrusive scan preserving every

1:22 detail without

1:25 risk slower scanning isn’t just about

1:28 preserving the physical document it’s

1:30 about capturing the essence of history

1:31 without compromise. Kip scanners do just

1:34 that. Take a look at the scan result

1:37 easily apply image cleanup to optimize

1:39 the document for use in today’s world or

1:41 retain every intricate detail every fine

1:44 line all beautifully capture just as it

1:46 was intended to be the kip scanning.

1:48 Solutions gives operators the power to

1:50 slow things down ensuring that history

1:52 remains intact and every detail is

1:55 preserved for generations to

1:57 come. Thanks for joining us today and

2:00 remember with Kip scanning you’re not

2:01 just scanning you’re preserving history.

2:03 Happy

2:04 scanning! If you’d like to opt in to

2:06 receive text updates from Kip please

2:08 text Kip updates to 248 397

2:14 [Music]

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