The Havern School & ABT

Originally posted on ABPcopy.com April 27, 2020

Offering remote education in a moment’s notice can be a little challenging!

The Havern School & ABT

Let’s face it, the last few weeks have been the largest attempt at a global all hands-on deck!

Businesses are shifting operations to predominately home-based remote models.  Healthcare providers are offering consultations online.  Anyone one who was predominately online before is now seemingly moved to 100 automation.

Our schools, well, they have made a giant shift, too.  At the dismay of every teacher and student I have spoken to since early March, classes are no longer in session.  At least, not onsite.

Teachers, administrators, and students have also moved to a remote model.  The adjustment has been anything but easy, and on behalf of all the parents also adjusting, I know I would personally like to thank all the teachers for their continued effort. 

Organizing lesson plans, online chat calls for interaction time, study sessions, and everything else humanly possible to keep our nation’s most precious resource mentally strong.

It’s no easy task. A task even more difficult for schools and teachers with limited resources.  Whenever we can step up and leverage our partnerships to help out, everyone in our organization stand a little taller.

A Partnership through Challenging Times

We recently had the opportunity to offer a little assistance to the Havern School, in Lakewood, Colorado.  Like all schools in Colorado they’ve had to shift to an online, remote learning model.  Unlike other schools, the Havern School specifically works to create a brighter future for children with disabilities. 

As their teachers began to separate from the campus, they realized their need for home printers and reached out.  The team at Automated Business Products, in partnership with Epson, stepped up and offered to help, donating 5 Epson WorkForce ST-3000 Color MFP’s to a few of their remote teaching staff.

Epson for the save!

In the early morning air “high-fives” and smiles under face masks, the world felt a little more normal.  Thanks to Epson and the Havern School for letting our team at Automated Business Products be involved.

Many cheers to Dave Stelloh and the great team of educators and students at the Havern School!

If you would like to learn more about the Havern School, start here.

If you would like to donate to the Havern School, start here.

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