Hackers are Getting Smarter, Are Your Printers?

She helps keep our technology ahead.

Shivaun Albright
Shivaun is the HP Inc. Chief Technologist of Print Cybersecurity. Responsible for HP’s enterprise print technical security strategy, she brings a focus to the in-office and remote workforce protection to reduce cybersecurity threats.

Did you know that only 53% of organizations are “Leaders” who take a proactive approach to all endpoint security?

Threats evolve, stay ahead with unmatched HP security.

When it comes to your network security, your printers are typically the most vulnerable endpoint.  Most organizations aren’t aware of the risks, but you are.  Is your endpoint security up to Scratch?  

The truth is, your printer is a target.  One of the most overlooked remote targets, your printers are open to physical, wireless attacks.  HP is synonymous with security. Learn more about the many intrusion points and improve your office and data security today.

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