Tech Tips with Leslie | Cleaning your Copier

As Colorado businesses begin to make the shift back into an office work force, questions about how you can keep you machines clean and germ-free start to percolate.

Tech Tips with Leslie | Cleaning your Copier

Is it ok to clean your office copier daily?

Should you even allow your staff to touch the control pad or should you switch to remote “desktop” apps that manage all of the “touching” instead?

While much of this comes down to personal choice, we spent a few minutes to go over a few Copier Cleaning best practices.

Can you clean your copier with disinfectant?

The short answer is yes, but you probably don’t want to spray anything directly onto the machine.

We’re still talking about electronics here.  Best rule of thumb is to spray your cleaner onto a cloth and then wipe down the machine.  Start with the areas that are most touched by employees.

Questions about your copier?

As you make your way to the glass, you’ll probably want to make the switch to more of a glass cleaner.

These days, so many copiers are controlled at the computer.  Meaning, so much of the set up and finishing options can be controlled remotely. The more you encourage this internally, the more you can reduce excessive “touching” at the copier.

As always, if you have any specific questions about your particular model feel free to reach out to our support team.

Additionally, each time our service team comes to your location, you can expect them to be outfitted with a face mask and gloves.  Cleanup and wipe down of your copier is just part of our process.

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