5 Considerations for Optimizing Your Business Efficiency in 2022

April of 2010, three years after the iPhone made its own debut, the iPad was released. Touchscreens and apps immediately changed every aspect of the world as we would know it, propelling us to what would seemingly be Sci-Fi Movie technology.  Communication has changed, productivity has changed, and as a result, day-to-day business is entirely different.  

Hardware and software are completely different now recognizing multi-system integrations, cloud computing, and mobile devices as part of the ecosystem.  These were not typical small and mid-sized business considerations just 25 years ago. 

As we open the doors to a new decade, now seems like the perfect time for business owners like you to look ahead and analyze your equipment and processes, with these 5 considerations, for next the level of efficiency and security.  

5 Considerations for Optimizing Your Business Efficiency in 2022

Look at Unifying Systems to Reduce Your Expenses

Have you found yourself frustrated by a multitude of systems in your office that don’t easily speak to one another? Single function fax machines that still don’t speak to your computers or printers?  Copiers that don’t manage performance applications?  Limited security options on your scanner?  Maybe it’s time to consider a better way.  

This is the year for your business’s digital transformation.   

Creating a simplified internal ecosystem with more robust platforms can connect your team and your data centers through a streamlined IP backbone.  Communications are easier to track and modify through device independent business options (iPhone, Android, iPad, and more) giving your team immediate response ability. 

Documentation, collaboration and security through one connected system will decrease errors and lost document stress while at the same time increasing overall productivity. 

 Streamline processes – taking advantage of printer integrations

Not only can today’s technology easily master internal and external process flow in one machine, tools like the One Screen Smart Screen hardware and software is perfect for any organization looking to easily collaborate and present.  Scanning, annotating, and distributing materials can eliminate gaps in your group’s flow processes.  Single source solutions also make servicing more manageable (see #5)! 

Optimize your workflow with industry specific tools, dubbed Vertical Market packages, can enhance your productivity through customized Total Document Solutions.   

  • Public Sector 
  • Financial 
  • Healthcare 
  • Legal 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Education 

    Keep your team connected, and productive!!

Never before has the term “remote workforce” carried the implications as it does today.  Flexibility, connectivity, security, end-to-end PCI and HIPPA compliance, mobile clients, the landscape of our workforce has literally changed.  There are tools available now that allow your organization the ability to create communication within your MFP, customize them through multi-screen collaboration and empower your team.  OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology tools connect your team’s global teams with instantaneous translation functionality. 

Find a local support team for better and faster MFP and system servicing response and reduce your downtime! 

We are your one-stop-shop for all your business solutions.  Whether you’re looking for something as simple as a singular copier or a full spectrum multi-unit ecosystem, our team can help.   

Our team will take the time to understand your business goals and needs, curating a custom system integration to match.  We look for ways to integrate new hardware and software flawlessly enhancing your business’ productivity and ROI.   

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