ABT & Xerox


ABT & Xerox

Did you know that ABT is a full service Xerox Partner Dealership?

ABT is excited to announce our new partnership with the top provider in office technology. Our partnership with Xerox will allow our customers to have access to the highest grade of office equipment. Xerox products pride themselves in a vast majority of areas. Their Alta Link and Versa Link lines allow a intuitive user-interface, mobile cloud compatibility, and optimal security.

In the VersaLink line there are nineteen amazing devices to add to your arsenal. Of course including both color and black and white printing. Small to medium sized businesses will excel with these products. This can only happen by providing the latest state of the art printing technology and a cost effective solution for long term ownership.

We can upgrade your copiers, printers, faxes, VoIP phone systems, touch screen collaboration white boards and more.  When we do, you’ll be free of payments for 90 days. However, we understand that larger work groups may require a bit more machinery to achieve greater tasks.

Xerox has developed a one stop solution to answer this problem. AltaLink technology uses 10 MFP’s. These devices are also available in color, as well as black and white printing. These devices are equipped to handle the demand of larger work groups with amazing features such as faster start up times, and even single pass scanning. Everything comes together in a well put together product that we know our customers will come to know and love.

Along with the age of technology, Xerox has created Connect Key Technology to help transform the experiences people have while working. Connect Key offers a wide variety of services such as a seamless touch screen interface. This allows the user to pinch, zoom, and swipe with ease. Using many of the functions that are already adopted in todays smart devices.

Mobile use, and ease of cloud compatibility allows users to manage, print, scan, and share to and from the cloud anywhere. State of the art benchmark security is a huge focus for connect key technology. Allowing users to trust connect key’s comprehensive security to help protect your confidential material. Being able to manage print services on the go allows users to optimize their devices and efficiency remotely. All coming together with customized apps that allow you to add, delete, or swap tools to help fit your evolving needs.

Xerox is the only printer manufacture to partner with Mcafee to provide only the best data security. The embedded whitelisting technology is built into every product. Making it seamless to use by also avoiding third party protections. This technology protects against zero-day, polymorphic attacks via malware such as worms, viruses, Trojans, and code injections. A wide variety of protections are set in place for others to manage, so you don’t have to. Email alerts, audit logs, ePolicy Orchestrator (EPO), and other assets are at your fingertips to become the most efficient and successful workplace.

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