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Eric Maddox | Author : Mission: Black List #1

Watching the fall of Saddam Hussein through media outlets and reading the backstory are entirely different experiences.

Eric Maddox, enlisted as an infantry paratrooper to the 82nd Airborne Division, eventually entering Ranger School and finding his way to reenlistment as a Chinese Mandarin linguist. Unexpectedly, in 2003 he received orders to Tikrit, with the US forces invading Iraq as part of the Task Force.

Through his interrogations, and with enormous good luck he tracked down Saddam Hussein and eventually led troops to his location.

His story is an amazing journey in power listening and determination. While unorthodox, his method of interrogation encouraged his Iraqi captives to share seemingly innocent information that helped him tie timelines and relationships together.

Eric now takes his story and his methodology “Empathy Based Listening” to the business world as inspiration for engaging relationships differently.

This book was an incredibly fun ride. Intense and hopeful, it’s impossible to not be engaged. I recommend it, 5 Stars!!

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