Celebrating Denver Youth and Education at Escuela de Guadalupe

ABT Supports the Denver Metro Community

One of the many reasons I love working with ABT is for the support and encouragement to actively participate in local charities and government events.  One such event is Salud! at Escuela de Guadalupe, a Denver bilingual school based in South West Denver.

What is Escuela de Guadalupe?

Students come from about 40 Denver metro zip codes to learn both English and Spanish in a faith-based environment.  Students of all demographic backgrounds are typically fluent in both languages by third grade. 

“At Escuela, our goal is inspire our students… To prepare our students… To light the fire not under them but to light the fire within them….”

As a Pre-k through middle school program, Escuela’s develops a strong foundation through targeted literacy instruction.  Many of the students come from English as a second language (ESL) homes, where in some cases they are the first of their family to learn English fluently.  Their vibrant community is culturally rich and designed to build upon a mastery of core content with additional focus on art, music, PE and faith.

Escuela’s 8th grade graduates are currently attending competitive, college-predatory high schools across the Denver metro area like Regis Jesuit High School, Arrive Jesuit High School, and Holy Family.

At Escuela, families are required to make some financial commitment to their child’s education, but 90 percent currently receive needs-based tuition assistance.  With Student Sponsorship Programs, supporters can contribute financially  to the program and get to know the community.

Salud! Escuela de Guadalupe’s Annual Gala

Enter Salud!.  Salud! Is the annual Escuela de Guadalupe Gala.  After attending the Gala on invitation for three years, I was invited to join the committee for the Gala planning last year.  The effort that goes into the planning, the organizing, fundraising and coordinating behind the beautifully orchestrated event is empowering and loving.  About 15 of the best people you may ever meet from the Denver community sit on the committee which starts planning in January for the event typically in late September or early October each year. 

ABT Supports Education

Automated Business Technologies has been a supporter of Escuela de Guadalupe, (the school is also a customer) since 2021.  The intention of our support, is to help embolden the future leaders of Denver with an education that moves beyond the classroom to community engagement and empowerment.  We look to our community engagement as an important part of our organizational “Why”.  This year’s Salud! event was attended by myself, Paul Archer (CEO| Founder), and Mike Piche (President). 

If you have interest in learning more about Escuela de Guadalupe and their unique program visit them here

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