4 Tools To Make Your School Secure in 2022

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Students and educators can’t perform at their best when there is any doubt about the school’s security provisions. That’s why OneScreen has expanded this year beyond building the best classroom technology into offering security tools that educators have requested most. 

  1. Instant alert & notification.  With Meerkat Safe from OneScreen, teachers can access a real-time alert and location system with a single touch on a wearable badge.  Whenever, wherever they need help, teachers can rely on MeerKat Safe to contact help and direct it to precisely where its needed. Meerkat Safe also includes a user-friendly dashboard that integrates data from existing software systems allowing for economical integration. 
  2. Violence deterrence.  Bullying has become a serious problem in recent years. Educators need high-quality safety equipment to address growing concerns. Teachers and school staff can’t be everywhere at once. That’s why we include Meerkat Safe with every Touchscreen we sell to education customers. It’s time for teachers and faculty to get back to their areas of expertise – helping every child reach their full potential.
  3. Full coverage. Every school campus presents its own challenges and blindspots. That’s why it matters so much to be assured of complete area coverage from reliable cameras. PrimeCam from OneScreen was developed to improve any security system with top quality technology at affordable prices. They easily integrate with any VMS system to upgrade you safety profile.
  4. Facial and object recognition.  Capturing clear images are essential when critical events occur. OneScreen NeuroCam is the best-in-class security camera that delivering excellence in facial recognition, object detection, license plate recognition, firearm detection and intrusion alerts.  In fact, NeuroCam is a leader in the surveillance arena because of its unique on-board AI processor from Qualcomm. This eliminates the need for a separate server as real-time decisions are handled in-camera, as they happen. NeuroCam is already making inroads in school safety nationwide.  

OneScreen is equipping schools to handle today’smore unpredictable environments. We are dedicated to creating the technology that helps keep everyone on campus safe – students, teachers, staff and visitors. 

Education is the key to a better tomorrow and every child deserves that chance. Find out more about how OneScreen contributes to more productive learning environments.

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