Everything You Need to Know About Multi function Printers

What is a Multi function Printer (MFP)?

Multi function Printers often referred to as “MFPs” are machines that encompass the features of a printer, a copier, a scanner, and even sometimes also a fax machine if specified. All of which are in all contained within one unit! By definition MFP’s are necessarily connected to your workstation by a wired or wireless connection. However, they can sometimes be operated directly from their own control panel like most stand alone copiers!


A Multi function Printer (MFP) is a device that ultimately consolidates the functionalities of a printer, copier, scanner and or fax into one machine. MFP’s are a common choice for budget minded businesses that want to reduce or consolidate assets, reduce their operating costs, and even improve their workflow. As you and the world around you move towards more digital workflows. It is important to take a look at what Multifunction machine is going to be the best for you!

How is a Multi function Printer Different?

If we told to that you could purchase a single machine that solves almost all of your problems, you may begin to wonder why you’d ever want to buy multiple devices that all perform the same task in separate units. Various manufactures like Kyocera, and Xerox sell a variety of multi function printers, also sometimes called all-in-one machines. These machines have the overall ability to scan, copy, and fax documents in one machine.

Versus have separate machines that all complete a single task. Before you ever decide on any printer, make sure you weigh the advantages and consider your volumes to ensure you are getting the right machine for your organization or business.


When looking into purchasing or leasing a multi function printer, you will quickly discover various models that have different features. If you are intending to use this new equipment for your business, you may choose a model that has faxing capabilities built in. However, you might also be looking into a machine that can simply print and scan if the unit is basic enough for home use. If you consider yourself to be a graphic artist, you will greatly prefer a MFP that produces high-quality color prints. It is very important to understand and compare the features of each machine when shopping for a MFP. This comes down to various metrics including speed, print quality, and other functionalities.

Printer Types

Much like a single function printer. Multi function machines come in two basic types: Inkjet and Toner based printers. Toner based machines are great for printing large volumes of text documents while inkjets excel at producing high quality color graphics. Inkjet printers also cost more to maintain than your toner based printer. Regardless of whether you need a fast printer for business use, or a machine to print photos. You will find a multi function machine that produces inkjet or toner quality print outs.

Multi-function Printer Benefits

As long as your company had the lease signed prior to mid-February, Everyone loves to save money! You might find yourself appreciating the savings you will obtain from plugging in one device into your wall instead of three or four different machines.

You might also find yourself spending less money buying a single multi function printer, rather than buying several machines for the same job. MFP’s are also useful if you have limited office or room space. Since you can place a single unit on a desk, or in the corner of the office. If you were ever to need to take your equipment with you, or move it to another location. You would be able to do so quickly and efficiently.

Multi function Printer Disadvantages

Because MFP’s combine several functionalities into a single unit, you can lose your scanning, printing, copying and faxing capabilities if the unit were to ever fail. A MFP’s unified component structure can also be seen as a disadvantage if you ever want to sell one component such as the printer, to upgrade to a better one. Most likely, you would either have to sell your MFP and loose all its features, or keep the unit and wind up with two MFP’s – one of which you do not need.

What are some of the common Capabilities of a MFP?


This happens to be one of the most sought after features! Everyone needs a machine that will be able to print with quality and consistency. Whether you are a graphic design artist, or a wolf of wall-street. There is going to be a MFP machine that will be able to print whatever you decide to push through it. Keep in mind that different machines put color on paper differently. Ensure that you do your research to understand what MFP is going to be the best fit for you or your business!


Everyone who deals with plenty of documents understands how important it is to have a machine with scanning capabilities. Most MFP’s come with this feature. However, it is going to be different from machine to machine. Make sure when you are choosing a machine, that the processes of getting it to scan are easy and reliable. Being able to access and use the features of the machine are a key factor in its impact on you or your business.


When needing an extra set of documents, make sure that the machine you pick up is capable of copying the volumes that you are going to be requesting from the machine. Various machines have different specifications for how fast they can scan, and copy documents. Some machines even have the capability of scanning up to 270 sheets duplex consistently! That is a really great way to copy or scan a bunch of documents efficiently.


Although not everyone uses the fax feature of a MFP. If you business currently has a fax, and you want to continue to use it. It is very important to ensure that the MFP of choice is going to be compatible with a fax card. Ask us if you have any questions regarding the faxing capabilities of any machine that you may be looking into buying!

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