Lease a Xerox- Altalink, Versalink, & Connectkey Explained

Leasing a printer made easier with Xerox Technology

Connectkey Explained

Xerox has recently released a brand-new interface that will allow their MFP’s and printers to perform beyond what they have been able to do in the past. This is possible through the development of their sleek interface for the user. This tablet based device allows for similar usage from other devices in the workplace via swipe, tap, scroll, and pinch your way through task-focused apps with ease, much like how you would navigate using an iPad or Android product.  Xerox With modern technology, keeping the common user experience of a touch screen interface is key.


The AltaLink and Versalink product lines offer a true tablet functionality experience. This allows the user to configure jobs by scrolling and tapping just like a tablet. The design of this interface is very intuitive for the user. The simplicity of its use results in fewer clicks, and screens to complete a job. This ultimately results in less time spent at the printer, and more time spent accomplishing the tasks at hand. This will increase the work days overall efficiency, organization, and task completion for any business of any size.

The users screen is very focused on being app-driven and task specific. This allows the user to customize the interface to fit every businesses preference. The user can determine the layout, and even place the most used apps front and center for easy access. Additionally, the installation “wizards” make setup of applications fast and easy. This is extremely important for non-technical users who hate having to call and wait for their IT department. This is one of the best features about Xerox’s new ConnectKey platform. There is so much here to offer that we can’t simply fit it all into one article!

Versus have separate machines that all The Connect Key App Library


The needs of your business are forever changing over time. Therefore, ConnectKey features a consistently growing gallery of applications for users. This includes third party applications created by developers. You are in control by adding, deleting, or swapping your tools in your own personal app gallery.

Easily connect mobile workers to Xerox’s ConnectKey Technology-enabled devices for easy remote use. Users can use the Xerox App Gallery to download new apps to translate documents via MFP, PC, or smart device with Easy Translator, redact private and sensitive information with Xerox Auto-Redaction, and turn hard copy documents into portable audio files with Xerox Audio Documents.

Xerox Translate and Print

The Xerox Translate and Print App uses the best technology available to provide instantaneous, machines translations through your Xerox multifunction printer (MFP). The user can simply scan the document and receive a translation print in one of 44 available languages. If you are looking for translation of your digital documents from your PC or mobile devices.

You can visit Xerox Translates. The Xerox Easy Translator Service offers more functionality to its users through both a mobile app and professional human translation service. The Xerox Easy Translator Service MFP app allows the user to receive a document of your translation through both print and email exports.

This application is a great addition for organizations doing business in multiple languages. Have confidence in the next document you produce that your native tongue is up to par with your client’s standards.

Xerox Auto-Redaction

Protect your sensitive information with Xerox Auto-Redaction service. This application is simple, yet also powerful enough to complete a wide variety of privacy related tasks. There is no need for the user to manually search and redact items anymore! This process is time consuming and subject’s media to mistakes. Xerox Auto-Redaction takes advantage of the latest cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. All using Google’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software.

This allow the user to select preset Personally Identifiable Information (PII), or even custom words and phrases. All while automatically redacting it from the file. This sensitive data is rendered unreadable while keeping all other crucial information within the document intact. Finished auto-redacted documents can then be printed or emailed from a Xerox ConnectKey enabled MFP.

This ultimately helps to keep your organizations sensitive information secure. Trial Xerox® Auto-Redaction free for 30 days or 100 scanned pages, whichever comes first. A subscription can be purchased under the subscribe button once the trial ends.   Please visit for more information on ConnectKey Apps.

Xerox Audio Documents

With an increasingly growing mobile workforce, content that can be consumed on the go is becoming more important to users than ever before! Xerox Audio Documents app allows all users to transform their hardcopy documents into efficient MP3 files. A link with the MP3 file is sent to the users email for on-the-go access. In one easy scan, the user can obtain new levels of productivity by listening to your files, wherever, and whenever you choose.

No need to have your employees read documents for proof reading. Simply listen to the document to scan for any changes! In addition, Xerox® Audio Documents Mobile App allows users to convert documents into MP3 files. You can select documents for conversion and access documents that can be submitted via a mobile device. Allow yourself to optimize on using all of your senses throughout the day to increase productivity and efficiency through out your organization.

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