Do Real Estate & Mortgage Companies Really Need a Different Type of Print Management? 

The Best Printers & MPS Apps for Real Estate & Mortgage Companies

The short answer is, Yes, and these are the essential needs you should be considering when looking for a solution to real estate and mortgage printing needs. 

In the world of mortgage and real estate, where every detail counts, points are money, and speed is of the essence, having the right printing solutions is not just a convenience—it is a necessity.

The nature of this sector, with its myriad of documents such as contracts, disclosures, and marketing materials, demands not only high-quality printouts but also efficiency, reliability, and security. In this guide, we’ll explore the unique printing needs of mortgage and real estate companies and highlight the printers and support applications that are best suited to meet these requirements.

The Best Printers for Real Estate Contracts

Mortgage and real estate businesses are known for their voluminous printing needs, encompassing a wide variety of documents:

For contracts and agreements precision and clarity of print is paramount.  Documents require high-resolution printing to ensure every detail is legible.  Details are essential, and every page counts. 

Contracts and agreements are legal and binding.   Confidentiality takes precedence.  Secure encryption is a must.  Encryption plays a critical role in safeguarding data, ensuring that only authorized users can access and understand documents. Copiers, email cloud apps, and fax systems must employ robust encryption methods to guarantee security.

Modern copiers use encryption to protect data both when it’s stored on the device’s hard drive (at rest) and when it’s being sent to or from the copier (in transit). AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) is commonly employed for this purpose, providing a high level of security.

End-to-End Encryption (E2EE): This ensures that emails are encrypted from the sender’s device to the recipient’s, making it impossible for anyone else, including the service provider, to read them. Only the sender and recipient have the keys to decrypt the message.

TLS encrypts the connection between email servers, protecting emails in transit. It prevents interceptors from reading or tampering with messages.

Encrypting stored emails and attachments on the server adds an additional layer of security, protecting against unauthorized access even if the server is compromised.

Many copiers include options to automatically overwrite the hard drive after each job or at scheduled intervals, preventing unauthorized recovery of any stored data. 

Apps can be added that require users to enter a PIN or use an ID card to release print jobs, ensuring that sensitive documents are not left unattended.

All these built-in features are vital, however monitoring by an internal or external IT team is vital.  Regular software updates are needed.  Keeping software up to date with constant current updates is crucial for closing security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers.

Implementing strict access controls and user authentication ensures that only authorized personnel can use these devices and access sensitive information.

Regular security audits and compliance with standards like HIPAA (for healthcare) or GDPR (for data protection) help organizations identify vulnerabilities and ensure they are meeting legal and regulatory requirements.

Does it make sense for Real Estate companies to produce marketing materials in house? 

From flyers to brochures, vibrant colors and sharp images are essential for capturing attention. 

It may make sense for a Real Estate company to produce many of their documents on-site.  Quality in house printing may be more economical than companies realize, and they  allow a companies to swiftly create and modify listings, brochures, flyers, and other promotional items not only enhances the agency’s agility but also improves brand consistency, reduces costs, and fosters creativity and personalization.

Real estate moves quickly, with properties coming on and off the market daily.  In-house production of marketing materials significantly reduces turnaround times, allowing for the immediate creation and distribution of promotional content. This speed ensures that agencies can capitalize on market opportunities the moment they arise, providing them with a competitive edge.

The snapshot graph below shows how quickly the Real Estate market changes. 

Personalization Can Be a Strong Competitive Advantage

Real estate marketing thrives on personalization. Each property has its unique features and selling points, and each client has specific preferences. In-house production allows agencies to tailor their marketing materials to highlight these unique aspects, creating more engaging and effective promotional content. This level of customization can be the difference in making a sale, attracting new listings, or securing client loyalty.

Maintaining control over the quality of marketing materials is crucial for brand image. In-house production ensures that agencies can oversee every aspect of the design and printing process, from the choice of paper to the resolution of images. This control guarantees that the final product meets the agency’s standards, reflecting professionalism and attention to detail that resonates with both sellers and buyers.

For real estate agencies, brand consistency across all marketing materials strengthens recognition and trust with clients. Producing materials in-house offers better control over the use of logos, color schemes, and messaging, ensuring that all materials reflect the agency’s brand identity accurately. This consistency reinforces the agency’s professional image in every interaction with the market.

Having the capability to produce marketing materials in-house can stimulate creativity among team members. It encourages experimentation with different designs, layouts, and messaging, leading to innovative marketing strategies that can set the agency apart. This creative freedom allows agencies to quickly adapt to market trends and explore new marketing channels without the constraints often imposed by external designers or printers.

Creating marketing materials in-house allows for instant feedback from colleagues and clients. This immediacy facilitates rapid iterations, enabling agencies to refine and perfect their marketing strategies swiftly. Being able to adjust and reprint materials on the fly ensures that marketing campaigns are always aligned with the agency’s goals and market demands.

Outsourcing the production of marketing materials can be costly, especially when dealing with high-quality prints or last-minute changes. By managing these tasks in-house, real estate agencies can avoid markup costs and save on bulk printing discounts. Moreover, investing in a professional printer and design software can be cost-effective in the long run, especially for agencies with regular needs for updated marketing materials.

Finally, and returning to security, handling sensitive property information and client data requires stringent security measures. By producing marketing materials in-house, real estate agencies can better protect this information, reducing the risk of data breaches that could occur when sharing files with third-party vendors.


What are the Best Printer Options for Real Estate and Mortgage Companies?  

Although meeting with a copier printer expert that handles both office and production print needs is the best way to ensure a company invests in the printers and service that best fit their needs a starting point printer to be considered may be Canon’s imageRUNNER ADVANCE series.  The image RUNNER ADVANCED is a powerhouse suited for the rigorous demands of the mortgage and real estate world. It is known for its robust performance. 

What does the imageRUNNER ADVANCED series offer? 

  • High-Resolution Printing: Ensuring that every contract and brochure comes out with crystal-clear clarity.
  • Advanced Security Features: Protecting sensitive information with secure printing options and user authentication.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: Reducing waste and energy consumption, aligning with green initiatives.

What can Hewlett Packard Printers offer? 

The HP PageWide Pro series stands out for its speed and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for fast-paced environments and features:

  • Fast Printing Speeds: Minimizing wait times with its impressive page-per-minute rates.
  • Professional-Quality Color: Producing vibrant marketing materials that capture the essence of properties.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Offering lower cost per page for both color and black-and-white printing.

How about Epson Printers? 

The Epson EcoTank Pro Series is for businesses focused on reducing ongoing costs without compromising on quality, the Epson EcoTank Pro series offers:

  • Cartridge-Free Printing: Utilizing easy-to-fill, supersized ink tanks for cost savings.
  • Outstanding Print Quality: Ensuring that every document, from detailed contracts to colorful brochures, looks professional.
  • Reliability: Built to handle heavy workloads with ease.
  • Support Apps: That Enhance Efficiency

To complement these printers, various support applications can streamline workflows and enhance productivity:

What apps are essential for Real Estate and Mortgage Companies?

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro: Essential for creating, editing, and managing PDFs, this tool is invaluable for handling contracts and disclosures.
  • DocuSign: Facilitating e-signatures, DocuSign accelerates the contract signing process, crucial for closing deals swiftly.
  • Print Management Software: Solutions like PaperCut and UniPrint Infinity offer robust print management, tracking, and secure printing options, ensuring efficient use of resources and protection of confidential information.

In the high-stakes world of mortgage and real estate, the right printing solutions can make a significant difference in staying ahead of the competition. By choosing printers like the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE, HP PageWide Pro, and Epson EcoTank Pro, businesses can ensure they meet their quality and efficiency needs. Coupled with support apps such as Adobe Acrobat Pro and DocuSign, these printing solutions empower companies to operate more effectively, securely, and sustainably.

As technology evolves, staying informed about the latest advancements in printing solutions and support applications will remain critical for mortgage and real estate companies aiming for success. Investing in the right equipment and tools not only streamlines operations but also enhances the quality of service offered to clients, paving the way for growth and prosperity in the competitive landscape of Colorado’s real estate and mortgage markets.


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