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Automated Business Technologies | Customer Reviews

Saying thank you to our team members is a practice that we hold very dear in our culture.  The way we see it, without our team we wouldn’t be the successful, growing, award winning, locally owned and operated in Colorado business technology organization that we are today.  In truth, it’s impossible to win ENX Award Winning Dealership of the Year multiple years over without a team full of top performing professionals. Sharing customer reviews is just one way we hope to continue doing just that.

From inside the house, I know what hard work and dedication it takes to provide Colorado businesses with accredited, certified stamped, quality business technology sales, leasing, and service.  In this building we have a few hundred years of seasoned experience, there are very few real surprises.

ABT | Customer Reviews

However, knowledge is everything.  That’s right, I said it. 

Knowledge is the basis of what our customers need to keep their businesses, their churches, their schools, their practices going.  They also need a devotion to service, that I believe our team brings to the table.  Techs, customer service reps, account executives who truly care about helping you and your business grow.

Personally, I could wax poetic about our team all day, but I think a compliment is best served by those who are on the receiving end of our service.  The following are the survey responses that we receive from our customers directly.

So, how has Automated Business Technologies done on the project install?

“They are all done. I wanted to say, they did an amazing job. This is the first time someone has set up a printer and it worked great and it was smooth. I have not found any problems (knock on wood). Just wanted to pass along the feedback from our Ft. Collins office 😊

 Sounds like your folks are doing good work out there!  Thank you!”

-Julie & Brian, Canyon Title

Thank you for checking in. The install could not have gone better. I appreciate your team and how organized everything was. Very helpful too. The new machine is great, and we are liking it so far. 

Thank you again! 



Raymond was kind, knowledgeable, helpful, prompt, and efficient… everything you’d want/need in an amazing technician!

Eclectic Hive Inc.

We have been with Automated Business Products for years and appreciate the service and we certainly like the printer we have. Ray is very helpful, personable, and knew our equipment. I appreciate the emails with updates.

Murry Dahl Kuechenmeister & Renaud LLP

We love John Andazola! Such a nice guy, great technician, thorough, respectful, helpful … the whole package.

Shortridge & Mendez PC

Both guys were great! Good attitudes and communication. Very helpful!

Harbor Church Inc

The issue was addressed on time and we had Mr. Sheldon out the same day and that’s amazing The fact that Sheldon had to clean the area to make sure everything is back as it was is simply wonderful If Sheldon is not assigned to our company I would love to ask for his services by name 🙂 I would definitely recommend your company!

Insolroll Inc

Read the Sugarwish Case Study

Ray is just fantastic- very personable and professional. Hope that we get him every time our printer takes a dive 🙂

Agency of Credit Control Inc

Aaron went the extra mile to make sure all things were operational and done to a T! Thanks for the great service! Thank you ABP/ABT for helping TAC mature in our printing environment!


Sheldon was very helpful & informational. He showed us what the problem was he showed us the little wheel things, there was no more rubber on them and that’s why we were having those issues. He replaced the problem. Sheldon was great!

Weathersure Systems

It was a difficult repair for him. Took a while. He was friendly and kind. Since I have a monthly service contract which makes these repairs possible, easy affordable. My experience wouldn’t be the same without it.

In Home Tax Service

He is FANTASTIC and I could not be happier with your company, and Steve, since I seem to be the chosen copier maintenance manager in the office. :0)Steve is very professional, knowledgeable, and gets down to business the minute he arrives. We REALLY appreciate having him assigned to our service calls!

Pet Scoop Inc

Great guy and technician (Ray).

Hegarty & Gerken Inc.

You guys were very organized and that is appreciated!

Mid America Specialty Metals

This guy (John. A)  was great. He showed up the same day and fixed 2 other machines in addition to the one he was originally dispatched to fix. Three different departments in our building were back online after he left, and it was a great relief. The machines are still working.

E-470 Public Highway Authority

Steve was great, very pleasant and moved our copy machine very quickly. He was great.I think this is the best company to deal with, I highly recommend this company to everyone.

Hellerstein and Shore PC

I can’t believe how quickly the technician arrived. It was only 1 1/2 hour from when I made the call to when he arrived. Fantastic!

SKLD Title Services Inc.

While not ever review is a 5-star Google Review the truth is that our team focuses on getting your business back online, and typically with a smile.  We work internally to champion the wins, and diligently focus on fixing any missteps.  We’re satisfied when you are ecstatic. The great news is that our service team serves all of Colorado.  We invite you find out what ABT’s copier service team can do for you, and invite you to reach out at any time for a risk free environment assessment.


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