Scan your hard copies to Editable Word, Excel, Powerpoint & More

We’ve all been there, heading into a meeting or proposal and that electronic copy of your very important document is missing.  Can’t find it, anywhere.  Maybe it’s there, maybe it isn’t.  Or maybe (like I did last week) you dropped a full water bottle across your laptop and fried the entire system.

It’s gut wrenching.  Not to overstate the emotional effect of frying your hard drive…but, I might have actually cried a bit.  In private, of course.  If you’re lucky, you still have the original printed hard copy. 

Now, let’s say you have an urgent need to email that file to someone asap, but it’s too large, like 100 pages or more….we can exaggerate, it’s story time.

All you really need to do is use your copier like a scanner.  Scan your document and let your Personal Paperless Document Manager (PPDM) manage the rest.  In minutes, you can recover the document into its digital state, file it, and make it searchable (read:findable) for the next time the document is requested.  

Additionally, you can combine that document with other formats, like say an important Power Point presentation, or Excel spreadsheet, really into any Microsoft or Adobe product.  Convert that file to a form, add bates stamping, extend the document and reorganize the document with fresh page layouts with drag and drop.  If you like to pretend (or maybe this is your reality) that you’re in a government office or legal team, document redactions, password protected documents, document routing and more are all options you can exercise.

Fun fact, you can also create user workflows to improve your time management and increase savings for your organization.


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