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Have you ever wondered if there was a better way to sort and store your documents?  Something that makes the process more efficient and less time consuming?

It’s time to consider OCR.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is an intuitive fix for sorting and storing all of your digital documents.   In short, it allows businesses to scan documents onto a server that is intelligent enough to convert them to readable files. 


That system is able to use the content in the document to sort and file it automatically. Along with that, this system even allows for the editing of those documents as it converts it into text. These systems obviously come with many benefits, but here are just a few.

OCR can simplify  Document Storage:

Whether your business has an online storage provider, or you still manually store paper copies, I don’t know. Both of these processes are inefficient. Spending your time looking for the right place for each document to go is a thing of the past. OCR brings you to the efficient present.

Personal Favorite: OCR makes each document’s content searchable

When searching for a document thirty years ago, you probably had to walk into a cluttered room full of Banker’s Boxes. This made life tough and wasted precious time. With OCR, you can easily search an intelligent online platform to find exactly what you need.

Imagine the space you’ll have with less hard document copy files!

An OCR allows you to free up storage space from your old outdated system. Whether that’s a physical room, or a cloud storage provider, OCR enables all your documents to live secured, in the cloud.  Less hassle, more room!

At Automated Business Technologies, we are experienced in OCR and document storage systems like Square 9. If your organization is looking for ways to improve your document management and workflow process while enhancing overall security and compliance, reach out today!  Our team is ready to offer a risk free print environment consultation! 

If you have more questions about OCR, feel free to reach out to our Solutions Team at (303) 407-3250.

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