How do Managed Print Services (MPS) work?

Imagine a world where all the little hiccups that your printer or copier could have would be foreseen and handled without interrupting your day. Where printing expenses are reduced by as much as 50% (because someone underestimated their printing needs, no judgment I promise).

All those interruptions about security alerts, toner supplies, your printer’s settings, the functionality and health of your printer as a whole, and more.  

Establishing your print environment with MPS will allow our team to analyze, reduce, and help you recover costs associated with your printing and plotting.  

We can track your printing to all of your networked devices (and during the walk through tell you about the ones you didn’t know existed) and map a directory to install and implement auditing software to help you manage them all more efficiently.

What is Print Audit?

Print Audit is an incredible application from our partners at Xerox that reports printer’s meter readings to our team monthly. Typically,  we try to install the software on every copier we service, but occasionally,  it fails and needs to be re-installed.

Print Audit must be installed from a computer that is connected to the same network as the printers (one that will be there for the foreseeable future is ideal). 

The Key Features of Print Audit Include:

  • Easy enterprise wide installation to any number of machines in your environment.
  • The ability to track 100% of your printing, including local, networked, USB and direct to IP.
  • Bullet-proof security that cannot be easily overridden.
  • Support for SQL or Access back ends.
  • Client-based architecture for low network overhead.
  • Zero demand for a print server.
  • Easy and secure configuration from any workstation.
  • Network integration with Windows NT, Active Directory and Novell Directory Services.
  • Installation wizard.

If you have more questions about PrintAudit, feel free to reach out to our Solutions Team at (303) 407-3250.

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