Leasing a Copier on an Upgrade – How to NOT get Ripped Off!

If you are embarking upon leasing a copier or printer, read below.  If you want pricing right away, you can use our printer lease pricing tool.  

This is an actual chat log from a customer who hit our website on Monday, July 23rd asking how they could get out of their lease, because they were shutting down their business.  You can also view the actual lease and invoice from this terrible situation below the chat log.

We see this all the time, it is a very poor industry practice that many people can easily become victim to “upgrading early” sales pitches.  Sometimes vendors will do this by offering a new machine or “special deal” while the customer still has a few years left on an existing lease.

Rolling an old lease into a new lease is simply stacking old debt on top of new debt and putting the chips in the banks favor, not yours.

The only time(s) you should roll an existing lease into a new one is when you have outgrown the volume of your current machine, you are growing rapidly or you only have a few months left and want new equipment and the remaining stream of payments is not drastic. 

Be sure you know every term and limitation of you new agreement.That system is able to use the content in the document to sort and file it automatically. Along with that, this system even allows for the editing of those documents as it converts it into text. These systems obviously come with many benefits, but here are just a few.

We ALWAYS inform our customers of these terms so there are no surprises like this one, which have this type of outcome.

If you have more questions about upgrading your machine or would like another option for a proposed competitor plan, feel free to reach out to our Solutions Team at (303) 407-3250.

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