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In 2024, HP continues to redefine the boundaries of printer technology, particularly within the healthcare sector. Its latest range of HP Color LaserJet Managed MFPs (Multi-Function Printers) stands out not just for their robust functionality but also for their stringent security measures, tailored to meet the critical demands of medical environments.

In this blog, we wanted to look into the models within this line, their focus on HIPAA compliance and security, and the specialized apps that enhance their utility in the medical field.

Innovative Models in the HP Color LaserJet Managed MFP Line

HP’s current lineup of Color LaserJet Managed MFPs includes several models, each designed to cater to different scales and needs within healthcare settings. Notable among these are the E77822, E77825, and E77830 models. These printers offer a range of functionalities from basic color printing to advanced features like high-resolution scanning and secure faxing. The adaptability of these models allows them to seamlessly integrate into various hospital workflows, whether in small clinics or large hospitals.

Each model in this series boasts impressive print speeds, high-capacity paper handling, and sophisticated image resolution capabilities. These features ensure that medical professionals can produce high-quality prints for a variety of purposes, such as patient records, imaging results, and other critical documentation, efficiently and reliably.

HP’s Emphasis on HIPAA Compliance and Security

Security is a paramount concern in the healthcare industry, particularly when dealing with sensitive patient information. HP’s LaserJet Managed MFPs are engineered with top-tier security features to safeguard patient data, aligning with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations. These printers are equipped with HP Sure Start, which checks the printer’s operating code at startup and repairs itself if compromised.

Additionally, HP Connection Inspector adds another layer of security by checking outgoing network connections to block any suspicious attempts and mitigate potential threats.

The inclusion of encrypted hard drives and secure erase options ensures that all data stored on the devices is protected against unauthorized access. This comprehensive security framework not only helps healthcare providers comply with HIPAA but also protects them from the reputational damage and financial penalties associated with data breaches.

ModelKey SpecificationsBest Use Case in Medical FieldOptimal Medical Office Type
E77822Speed: 22 ppm<br>Resolution: 1200 dpi<br>Paper Capacity: 650 sheetsGeneral printing and copying; efficient in handling patient records and standard medical forms.General Practices, Dental Offices
E77825Speed: 25 ppm<br>Resolution: 1200 dpi<br>Paper Capacity: 650 sheetsHigh-volume printing with faster output; suitable for environments requiring quick access to documents like test results.Hospitals, Medical Support Centers
E77830Speed: 30 ppm<br>Resolution: 1200 dpi<br>Paper Capacity: 650 sheetsBest for high-resolution scanning and secure faxing; ideal for managing sensitive documents such as post-op reports.Post-Op Support, Specialty Clinics

Apps Tailored for your Medical Business

HP has also developed specific apps designed to enhance the functionality of their MFPs in medical environments. One standout is the HP Workpath app, which allows healthcare professionals to automate tasks such as document capture and routing directly from the printer’s touchscreen interface. This app can integrate with electronic health records (EHR) systems, streamlining data entry and reducing errors.

Another innovative app is the HP AccuRead Automate, which uses advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to convert scanned documents into editable and searchable text. This is particularly useful for managing patient forms and records efficiently.

Moreover, HP offers customization options through its HP JetAdvantage platform, where healthcare providers can develop or modify apps to suit their specific needs. This flexibility allows for a more personalized and efficient workflow, directly addressing the unique challenges faced in the medical sector.

App NamePurposeKey Benefits
HP WorkpathAutomates document capture and routing.Streamlines data entry by integrating with EHR systems; reduces manual errors.
HP AccuRead AutomateUses OCR technology to convert scanned documents into editable text.Facilitates easy management of patient forms and records; enhances document searchability.
HP Secure PrintEnsures that printed documents are released only to authorized users.Increases security by preventing unauthorized access to printed sensitive information.
HP Patient IDAutomates patient identification and labeling processes.Reduces manual input errors, improves patient safety by ensuring accurate document labeling.
HP Image PreviewAllows previewing of scanned images directly on the printer screen before sending or printing.Helps verify document accuracy before distribution, reducing errors in patient imaging or records.

HP’s commitment to innovation, security, and functionality in its Color LaserJet Managed MFP line has positioned it as a leader in the medical printer space in 2024. The focus on HIPAA compliance ensures that healthcare providers can trust HP devices to handle sensitive information securely.

Meanwhile, the availability of specialized apps continues to enhance operational efficiency, making HP printers an indispensable part of medical practices. As technology advances and the needs of healthcare providers evolve, HP’s dedication to adapting and leading with cutting-edge solutions remains evident, ensuring they remain at the forefront of medical printing technology.

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In 2024, HP continues to stand out in the medical sector not only with its robust lineup of Color LaserJet Managed MFPs but also through its suite of specialized apps designed for healthcare environments. These apps, such as HP Workpath, HP AccuRead Automate, and HP Secure Print, offer tailored solutions that streamline and secure crucial healthcare processes.

From automating patient documentation to ensuring the confidentiality of printed materials, HP’s integration of advanced technologies significantly enhances operational efficiency and compliance with healthcare regulations. This synergy between high-performance hardware and customized software solutions makes HP’s offerings indispensable for healthcare facilities aiming to optimize their document management and maintain high standards of patient care and data security.


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