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Company: Medical Services Company
Headquarters: Denver Metro Area
Category: Healthcare

Identified Need: Guaranteeing HIPAA compliant document transmissions with 100% uptime to all team and patient touch points.

Case Study | National Medical Support

Healthcare Services

Serving the healthcare industry can offer some unique challenges. In situations where information sharing is critical, literally lifesaving, uptime is vital.  Their experiences in pediatric care, burn treatment and other trauma, with 500 locations serving 49 states, provide a unique needs assessment.  That is why this medical support organization was intrigued with Automated Business Technologies curated solutions offerings to meet their growing demand. 

In healthcare privacy and security are mandatory.   HiPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Compliance regulates patients’ medical privacy and extends to all supporting businesses.   Companies are unable to send patient information by email stemming from the risks of hacking and the inability to ensure privacy on the receiving end. 

To maintain compliance, the medical industry relies on a secure fax system for patient information sharing.  ABT (formerly Automated Business Products (ABP)) offers Fax over Internet Protocol (FoIP) technology which allows clients to send faxes over the internet without the costs of large, expensive, obsolete fax machines.  FoIP offers all the capabilities needed in the medical industry to securely share medical information.

What is HiPAA?

1.     Requires the protection and confidential handling of protected health information for all United States Citizens.

2.     Mandates industry wide standards for your health care information, specifically standards for medical billing and processes.

3.     Strives to reduce health care fraud and abuse.

4.     The transference and continuance of health insurance coverage for American workers when the change or lose their jobs.

FoIP technology is especially important in rural areas, for which this client extends most of their business.  Hospitals and emergent care facilities are few and far between, medical records need to be accurate and easily assessable. 

Not only is this technology cheaper, because it does not require additional machinery and a dedicated fax line, it simplifies network complexity and administrative overhead.  With FoIP technology information can be tracked, saved, archived, faxed, and shared easily.   Workflow optimization can occur with technology integration will result in greater efficiency.

The Healthcare Facility Equipment Solution

One of the primary benefits of working with an organization like Automated Business Technologies, is the variety of manufacturers that we are authorized dealers for, and the tech stack that we offer to complement our varied devices.  ABT is an authorized dealer for Canon, HP, Epson, Kyocera, and Xerox devices.  The true value in this is for our customers who aren’t bound by a singular manufacturer’s offering and additionally aren’t slowed by issues within the supply chain.  We are able to source the best device for your need, couple those devices with the right finishing and apps, and back that device with certified techs.

When any business handles sensitive information, a primary focus can be in ensuring the security of data transmissions.  HP devices have specifically been created to improve outcomes for risk management, operational efficiency, and productivity. 

Enterprise Fax Solutions for Healthcare

ABT partners with Biscom for Enterprise Fax solutions.  With extensive experience in claims and billing, patient discharge, medical records, pharmacy, drug development and workflows, Biscom integrates with EMRs for ePHI sharing and other protected heath information delivery. Biscom is the singular healthcare fax solution that has extensive integrations for EPIC and HP Healthcare.


HP Secure Printers for Healthcare

For all the reasons listed above, HP printers are the current best solution for this client and many of our other healthcare facilities, practices, and support communities. Currently, there are a few hundred HP desktop devices placed across the country for this organization by ABT. 

The current process involves communications between their CIO and the ABT team. As each locational need is realized, ABT sources the devices, orders, installs and manages each device.

“Hot Swap” Program

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if when your printer failed, your printer company provided you with a brand-new device to use while your printer was being repaired?

Meet the “Hot Swap Program”.  Health teams require nothing less than a 100% uptime guarantee.  Lives depend on it, and we support it. 

ABT’s Supplemental Help Desk Support

Honestly, who couldn’t use more help managing the help desk.  In mid-2020, ABT incorporated Managed IT Services into the toolkit.  Companies in and out of the healthcare industry are being bombarded with hacking attempts.  Endpoint Security, vCIO services, Network Monitoring and Maintenance have all become necessary support for every business today. 

The Help Desk and Desktop Support that ABT offers, can help free up your team to manage the larger tickets. By answering the lighter technology questions your team may have, helping with installs of software applications, and sometimes simply figuring out how to do basic device functions you on-site team can refocus on larger projects. 

To assist this partner, Automated Business Technologies also provides supplemental help desk support for teams nationwide.

Serving healthcare providers also creates unique opportunities to innovative and solve other complex problems.  ABT continues to adapt to this client’s unique needs and has recently begun implementing other workflow and data collection capabilities which will further simplify IT maintenance, lower costing, and improve workflow.

Additional Medical Support Information from ABT

Medical Group Purchasing Organization (MGPO)

ABT (formerly ABP) also supports the Medical Group Purchasing Organization which offers members significant savings that they potentially would not be able to access elsewhere.  Once our document management specialists have provided you a risk-free print environment assessment your medical practice has the opportunity to receive up to 70% off products that your GPO has recommended.  Read more here.

If your practice is looking to improve workflow processes, ABT can assist with:

  • Integrated scanning of documents into your existing system software
  • Instant access and records research
  • Storage and Organization Simplification for Patient Management
  • Integrated communications and chart management
  • Simplified translations for bilingual documents

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