How to Get The Best Copier Technology For Your Business – As told by ChatABT

Over the past couple of months, it seems like everywhere is talking about ChatGPT. Is it good, is it bad, is it helpful or harmful?  Some are just taking a wait and see approach.

While we could talk about ChatGPT as the beta version of H.A.L. from the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” we’d rather have some fun and see what this behemoth of a tool can do. For this reason, we asked it to write a blog about the best copier technology for your business.

The following is the blog created by ChatGPT, with our team’s added thoughts in italics.

What is the best copier technology for your business?

Copiers have become a vital part of the modern office with businesses relying on the technology for everyday tasks such as printing and scanning documents.  With so many types of copiers on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for your business.

The best copier technology is dependent on the needs of your business. Smaller business may only need a basic copier to handle printing, scanning, and copying tasks, while larger businesses may need a more advanced machine that can also handle faxing and other digital or networked tasks.

Considerations to make when deciding on new office technology.

Before deciding on the best copier technology for your business, it is important to consider how much use the machine will get.  If your business relies on a large number of documents, then you may need a machine that can handle large volumes of documents in a short period of time. 

Also, consider the types of documents you need to print, scan, copy, and fax, as certain machines may be better suited to certain types of documents. 

What do the numbers in copier/printer names mean?

Typically, the numbers and letters in the copier model names refer to capacity and speed of the device.  They reference the generation of the printer as well.  Different manufacturers use different methods.  The best way to understand what your device numbers mean is to ask your Account Manager. 

For example, Kyocera 4054ci means that it prints 40 pages per minute and the 54 indicates the series number.  But each manufacturer sets their model names differently. It’s always best to ask.

How much does copier technology cost?

When it comes to the best copier technology, you also have to consider the ongoing costs involved.  In addition to the initial cost of the machine you need to factor in the cost of repairs, toner cartridges, and other supplies.  It is also important to research the warranty and maintenance options for the machine you are interested in. 

Most companies obtain a lease for their devices.  This is beneficial because when you lease your devices, you’re able to upgrade them at the end of the term.  Technology moves quickly, and your team wants the latest and greatest as it becomes available to optimize your office workflow. 


The Best Copier Technology Requires Connectivity

The best copier technology for your business may also depend on the connectivity requirements.  Most copiers today come with the ability to connect to a local or remote network, allowing multiple users to access the machine.  This is essential for businesses with many employees or multiple locations.

When you partner with ABT (formerly ABP), we will assist your team through the installation process.  Once we understand your network requirements, and the technology capabilities you have on hand, our team will come onsite to connect the devices, couple them with your computers, tie them into network security and, with smart support, be there anytime your device should go offline. 

Copier Finishing Options

When deciding on the best copier technology, there are several features you can look for that can make your life easier.  A user-friendly interface is essential, as it will make it easier to use the machine and access its features.  Many copiers today also come with features such as scanning, auto-duplexing, and network scanning.

Another important factor to consider when choosing the best copier technology is security.  Many copiers today come with built-in security measures to ensure the privacy and security of the data that is being printed, scanned, and copied.  Be sure to check what type of security the copier offers and how it protects your data.

Finally, when deciding on the best copier technology for your business, you should consider the environment. Many copiers today are eco-friendly, meaning they use less energy and emit (this is where the bot decided to finish the blog, we thought you’d like a little more information).

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Printer Sustainability & Reforestation

For example, ABT partners with PrintReleaf as a sustainability solution. PrintReleaf reads those devices that you have on the network, and back calculates from the number of pages you print to how many trees should be planted to offset your footprint.  As an organization, you choose where you would like those trees to be planted with options like Brazil, Canada, Dominican Republic, France, India, Ireland, Madagascar, Mexico, and in the United States. If your company has global initiatives, it can be nice to partner with that country as a reforestation effort. 

Each month, PrintReleaf sends your organization a certificate to show how your team’s efforts are helping Global Reforestation Projects.   

While our team at ABT generally likes to highlight the value of our team’s deep experience in the office technology space, this has been a fun little project.  Going forward we’ve decided to give credit where credit is due.  Any time we use the bot to add some colorful content we’ll let you know.  That content will be credited to the ChatABT bot.  Much like we’ve done here, we’ll add our human thoughts in italics. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments about this project, feel free to add them below or reach out to our human-manned chat, or send us a message. 

Additionally, if you’d like someone from our team to give you a risk-free print environment assessment, we invite you to call (303)-778-0600 or fill out the form found here.


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