Automated Business Technologies Partnership with Crexendo


ABT is proud to announce our new Crexendo partnership for secure cloud voice and data technology.

Crexendo is the leading provider in cloud communication technology. Our partnership with them allows us to provide the best office technology to each of our valued customers. With a business that is fully dedicated to the reliability and security of their cloud systems. Crexendo is Payment Card Industry compliant, and CLEC licensed for our cloud web, telecommunications and network suite of services.

Performance Communication for your Business

With many voice capabilities such as 20-Party Conference Bridge, 3 to 6 digit extension dialing, customizable outbound caller ID, and many more features. ABP is confident that Crexendo products will optimize your office technology performance. Amazing Telecom mobile options allow for freedom to do business anywhere. Both Android and IOS versions are available to ensure easy use for all platforms. Quick start up, managing settings, staying connected, and empowering multiple devices allows Crexendo’s telecom systems to excel beyond all competitors.

Beyond Telecom systems, crexendo provides top of the line cloud data resources. Storesonline7 brings many features that business owners wish they obtained with their current data systems. Coupons, SEO, Product Variations, Tax and Ordering Rules, Gift Cards, and many more. Are all features that have laid the foundation for Crexendo to become the leading business web provider in the market.

Make the move from PBX to the Cloud

Office technology plays a key role in the efficiency and functionality of any modern business. Longer wait times, disorganized cloud data, and poor voice technology can really hinder performance. Crexendo has seen this problem and has developed their own solutions to getting your office technology where it needs to be. We are a proud provider of Crexendo as we only believe in bringing the best products and options to our customers.

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