ABT Device Logbooks

It’s usually the little things can make a big difference!   

In fact, it is all about the details. Which is why we’re rolling out a new tool to the communications kit, to help our techs and your whole team understand exactly what is happening with your device. 

ABT (in a few iterations) has been serving Colorado businesses with copiers, printers, and a host of services since the early 2000s. More than once it’s been highlighted that the person who makes the service calls isn’t always the only person who’s using the device. Sometimes the real issue isn’t quite what’s communicated or in some cases, maybe it isn’t the whole story. 

Enter the new ABT Logbooks. 

At ABT we have learned to expect the unexpected.  Although we do everything we can to make your copy experience seamless from start to output, we know jams and problems can happen, and of course, we want to help you fix them. 

Attached to every copier we are going to start sending out logbooks to document every little issue that may happen when working with your device.  The ABT logbooks are small, secured to your device with double sided Velcro tape.   We know that there are a number of individuals within an organization who use the device, and usually only one who calls for repairs.   

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With the implementation of the ABT logbook, we hope to capture everything that is happening so that we understand the real scope of any issue.  We encourage and invite each member of your team to leave notes regarding the operation of the device. Each machine is different too.  You might think of the ABT notebook as a device diary.  Of course, we hope you never need it! 

Then when your technician shows up, they know the history of the machine and can quickly determine what it needs, even if you don’t know every detail.   

At ABT we’re working to improve communications internally and externally, and we hope that extends into every engagement we have with you. 

Of course, if there’s never any issues, you can leave positive notes for our techs too! 

They’re human too, and a great team….they love kudos.

Just another way ABT is working to always have your back!   

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