Best Copier Dealer | ENX Dealer of the Year | ABT named in Best Copier Dealers in Colorado  

What’s the big news!?!

It’s always nice to be recognized as a big name in copiers, printers, and document management solutions, but we are especially excited to be a recognized again this year as Automated Business Technologies as ENX Magazine’s Industry Icons Elite Dealer of the year.  This is the second time that ABT has been awarded with this prestigious award, having been honored as ABP in 2020.

The last two years have been especially challenging for Colorado businesses and many dealers have raised prices and cut corners to make up the slack, in some cases pushing lost revenue cost onto their customers.  We don’t want to work that way.

The Best Copier Dealers in Colorado  

Why is ABT different?

Being a different is something that we pride ourselves on.  ABT is a locally owned and operated company, headquartered right here in Colorado. We’ve been in the community since 2005, living, working, volunteering, participating, and growing our business. 

In July, we decided to make the move to change our name and our branding to better represent who we are and how we can best partner with businesses across Colorado.  Automated Business Technologies, or ABT, is our new moniker built to support our broader reach within your business technology and data management solutions. 

As the imaging business goes, we’ve seen a lot of changes over the years, especially in these last few years.  As the pandemic started, we watched as businesses sent their people home and immediately took an approach that focused on how we could help them securely work remotely, while actively engaging in productive business workflows. Over the last 18 months, we’ve watched teams slowly return to the office and have worked with customers to help facilitate that transition as well.

Our leaders lead by example, and have a goal of building new leaders.

At ABT, our leaders work to lead by example from their personal efforts to company wide initiatives.  At the core of our company mission are our customer focused values of consistency, accountability, and transparency

Every day we challenge ourselves and our team to be accountable to your needs, to be a partner in providing services and in consulting and curating solutions, from our sales teams to our admin, and tech teams.  We feel like it’s not just about being one of the best copier leasing companies, it’s about our commitment to our customers.

ABT | Inside and Out

That’s not just an external ask either.  We encourage one another to be on the lookout for opportunities to improve internal processes, communications both internally and externally.  We continually survey our teams for comments and recommendations around issues and opportunities.

As we look for new recruits in Colorado, we strive to find focused individuals who can participate in a strong team atmosphere but are able to be creative in finding the best solutions, curating to each customers need.  And then we train them like crazy.

When there’s a problem or issue, we strive to come together to resolve the issue looking back at where the failures may have presented and to refine our efforts toward an improved process.  While it’s nice that we optimize for internal savings, that business workflow optimization cost savings is generally passed onto you.

Where we can, we look to teach and grow our teams though this process with the intention that only a strong team can offer the best support to our customer base. 

Our team is focused on integrity first.

It seems like everyone claims integrity first, but the follow through is where we hope to show our integrity the most.  When you receive a proposal from our team, we hope the first thing you see is the transparency in our contracts.  We explain the details, the expectations, the costs in clear terms.  If there are copier leasing companies, we explain their terms to you, clearly. 

When you partner with ABT, we want you to know exactly what it is that you are getting and what exactly it is you should expect. We hold true to our ABT Guarantees. If your equipment isn’t ready to be upgraded, we’ll tell you that too.  If the deal doesn’t benefit you, we won’t propose it. 

We can help you navigate the hurdles of a bad contract with another vendor.

If you’re currently in a copier lease that you want out of, we can help advise you through that process too, to make sure that you follow the terms of your engagement, reduce costs and find your way to a better solution.

We strive to connect (relationships matter).

Listening matters.  Listening to the words, the language, the frustrations, the gaps.  We want to hear it all.  In some cases, we may hear issues and gaps that aren’t in our wheelhouse.  We may not have the answer…. but nearly 20 years in the area, we certainly know someone who does.

(Interested in a great book on emotional listening? Read more about Eric Maddox and how he used EI to find and bring down Saddam Hussein)

We have great relationships, and partnerships.  If we can connect you to a solution, we will.  That’s what it means to be a partner.

We lean into ongoing education, and we strive to promote from within.

Our teams are always getting additional training, from in-house, manufacturers, and more. Our techs are continually upgrading and enhancing their certifications.  Our sales teams are always being invited to find new ways to grow.  Our leadership teams look externally and internally for new perspectives to curate solutions and grow with the changing marketplace.

As an ongoing practice, we look at new service lines and complementary offerings to provide and upgrade our existing toolkit.

We recognize effort and achievement!

We like a happy, successful team and we know that when our team is happy, they’re more eager to reflect that back to you.  Therefore, we recognize our team members for their efforts.  Good Review, group high-fives, weekly barbecues, group offsite gatherings and more to enhance the team bond.

We Strive to be the Best | Act like a Champion.

When you look at a champion what is it that you see?  Is it leadership, integrity, maybe you see drive and focus.  At ABT, we strive for all of those qualities not only from our leadership but also from our sales, admin, and tech teams.  

At our core we can see how championing these qualities within our teams is beneficial to our customers and partners.  You can expect integrity from your interactions with us because you should expect that from your local business technology dealerships.  Seeking out and finding those individuals that embody our values is part of what sets us apart from other copier dealerships that claim to be the best in Colorado.

What can you expect from ABT and business technology going forward?

You can expect a continued focus on business automation technology.  Streamlining workflows.  You can expect to see continued focus on printing sustainability. A focus on connecting teams efficiently and across the globe with unified communications.  Expect a heightened focus on data security and document management, and so much more.

We’re hoping to keep you updated on the Colorado business marketplace, with more content to help you navigate the ebbs and flows of the economic situations both here and around the country.  With that, we’re hoping for your engagement through comments, emails and whatever channels work best for you.

We’re honored to be an ENX Dealership of the Year in 2022 (and 2020) and we look forward to serving you in 2023 and beyond.

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