ABT is Proud to Announce our new Partnership with RingCentral

Do you remember the moment you decided to cut your land line?

How about the moment you made the decision to break up with cable?

Your business is now facing a similar liberation…..the desk phone.

ABT is Proud to Announce our new Partnership with RingCentral

ABP is now a RingCentral partner.

What does that mean to you and your business??

Total Global Team FREEDOM!

If the last rotation around the sun has taught us anything, it’s preparation, the pivot, and accessibility are key to survival in the new business VUCA world.

Imagine if your entire team were completely connected in your business ecosystem no matter where they were globally.

1)Who is RingCentral?

RingCentral is an intuitive platform. Voice, video meetings, team messaging and collaboration, and contact center.

2)What is an intuitive platform?

Imagine having your entire team on ready access to the same must-have digital tools on a single, easy-to-use platform that works seamlessly across office site and mobile devices. Click to dial functionality to one-click video conferencing that can be easily set up, deployed, and adopted from anywhere.

3)What is global connectivity?

Globally connected like so many organizations today, RingCentral can help your team increase productivity. The ability to activate international numbers instantly in over 100 countries and add more as you need them can empower your business like never before. Each customer is guided through implementation with a dedicated Technical Account Manager and Customer Success Manager with ongoing 24/7 support.

4)How does Ring Central manage Security and Reliability?

Think of the power of seven layers of security with redundant data centers securing user protection and high availability.

Around the clock experts proactively monitor and optimize the RingCentral platform maintain the highest level of service and 99.99% uptime SLA.

The RingCentral data centers are scattered around the globe to shield you from potential systems failures from potential operational errors, cybercrime, or potential natural disasters.

5)What is Ring Central Flexible APP Integration?

Every organization is its own ecosystem of technology. Whatever your team uses in your tech stack RingCentral has ready to integrate apps. Connect seamlessly to Salesforce®️, Zendesk®️, ServiceNow®️, Google, Microsoft®️, Okta and more.

Flexibility, Reliability and Cost Effective

For the empowerment of a tool like RingCentral you might expect that costs would increase to match the value of their offering, but in truth most clients see a reduction of up to 30% TCO by switching to an all-inclusive single provider like RingCentral.

With so much to learn and explore, the team at Automated Business Technologies is standing by for businesses throughout Colorado. Reach out today for a risk-free evaluation of your organization.

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