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A Brief History of Canon Copiers | Premier Company Plan       

Canon was established in 1976 at the Kosugi office for optical equipment, shortly there after they began their venture into the facsimile machine market.  Shortly thereafter Ryuzaburo Kaku is appointed president of Canon, and brough color copying services into their business model.

Who is Ryuzaburo Kaku?

Ryuzaburo was a leader from youth, and was in Nagasaki on August 8, 1945 when the Allied forces dropped their atom bomb.  Employed at a shipping yard, he instructed his fellow coworkers to stay underground for three days, ultimately saving their lives.

As a businessman, he advocated for a global ethic for business, kyosei “Symbiosis” and corporate responsibility.

Kaku was responsible for the expansion of Canon, opening 18 factories outside of Japan and increased sales up to 20% per year, shifting the company into the world’s largest producer of photocopies. 

He died in June 2001. 

In the early 1980’s Canon began testing laser beam facsimile (fax) machines, which lead to their digital laser copy system which was introduced in 1984. They brought the new devices to the US later that year and started their OEM supply of laser printers to Hewlett Packard, finally establishing Canon Virginia in 1985.

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A flurry of inventions and product introductions occurred over the next 10 years as Canon acquires companies around the globe. In keeping with their sustainability goals, the establish the first toner recycling program and by the end of 1995 have collected over 10 million units.  In 1998 they begin a copy machine remanufacturing operations for Europe, the US and Japan. It’s difficult to keep up with the number of inventions and perfections that Canon has brought to the imaging world since 2000.

Moving forward the Canon vision (Phase VI) includes strengthening competitiveness of industry-oriented business groups, through the expansion of commercial printing, industrial printing and developments in the digital printing markets.

Canon Copiers for Business

Canon offers a variety of copiers perfect for small and large businesses.  Their X-series sit on a desktop bringing intuitive designs, integrated workflow support, control, and eco-conscious responsibility.  Their imageRunners offer full finishing for all of your printing needs and their varioPRINT series, well, that one produces at the production level for everything your imagination can dream up.

Canon for Workflow Efficiency

When your team is on the move, something as simple as mobile compatibility for printing and scanning can save time.  Printing to a variety of destinations, with fast first print out times, means less finding “the printer” and less time waiting at it once it’s found.   And, integrating Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive (also for Business) Teams, Evernote is a piece of cake with unifFLOW Online. 

Canon Device Security Features

Keeping compliance shouldn’t be difficult either.  Reduce confidential document loss with their “no HDD/Document Storage”.  Administrative control can assist in managing the secure print management features.  Tracking at the department level keys your operations team into department uses and irregularities.  And the Verify System at Startup is the verification process you need to validate device firmware to manage unauthorized modifications.

Cost Management

Who wouldn’t want to reduce costs?  uniFLOW and uniFLOW Online give you full accounting and reporting. Your team will manage better with more data.  How about parts that are designed to function as long as the device itself?  Less broken parts, fewer service calls.  Further, Canon imageCLASS high capacity, all in one cartridge can help your office minimize overall supply costs.

Device and Fleet Management

It would be so much easier if all of your company devices had remote diagnostic ability, so that service responses were fast. Canon devices have simplified monitoring and management, and generic drivers across the imageRUNNER Advance Series.  Less complexity, faster solutions.

Quality and Reliability

Better than your best employee, Canon’s imageRUNNER Advance Series is designed to give your team maximum uptime.  Status notifications help keep supplies replenished, and with signature reliability and engine technologies meant to keep productivity high. 

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You care, we care, they care.  Energy Star certified, EPEAT rated, the cartridge recycling program and a combination of using technologies and low-melting point toner minimized the power requirements and aims to help you meet your lower consumption goals.

You may be wondering what uniFLOW is, and why we keep bringing it up?

Simplified, uniFLOW is secured cloud printing for small and medium sized businesses.  uniFLOW is easy management of your entire print environment and the answer to reducing your high cost, low security situation.

There’s one print cue.  Their Universal Driver prints jobs to one cue regardless of the printer model being used.  Those jobs are encrypted and compressed as they come in from your PC to your printing devices. That security continues with the uniFLOW SmartClient processes the print job and keeps it safe until it’s released. When the user is ready to print the job, then the list of jobs available to that user is displayed.  Smart.

There are 5 Solid Benefits of Canon uniFLOW

  • Prevent Unauthorized Use of Your Devices

With uniFLOW administrative access control, you can restrict printer access to only those users that you have authorized.  This will help your team circumvent and data breaches and unauthorized activity. The print scan and fax are essentially blocked to unauthorized passersby.

  • Increased Document Security

Imagine your sensitive data out for the world to see.  uniFLOW Online works to protect that data using a single driver to print confidential documents securely with any connected device.

  • Workflow Optimization | Improve your Office Productivity

Give your team more flexibility, uniFLOW Online helps employees to print from any mobile device (you might hear this as BYOD) for better flexibility.  Empower new workflow processes with supported printing infrastructure for faster, easier to find prints.  Change print jobs on the fly before they’re released to save time!

  • Reduce Unnecessary Printing Costs

You never really realize how much printing is done in your office until it’s a little too late.  Cust those unneeded costs with the confidence that only the prints that should be printed are.  With uniFLOW Online’s serverless print management solutions, your administrators can take total control of printing and copying activities.  With a 30K foot view of expenditures by department, internal adjustments can help you scale down properly.  Eliminate unnecessary local print services and ease the load on your IT departments.

  • Support your Sustainability Efforts

Optimize your printing process and workflow that rely on paper.  Print what you need and not what’s wasteful.  Enhance your document with changes to finishing at the device before printing.  Additionally, reduce power consumption by eliminating the “always on” feature throughout your organization.

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