Kyocera Three Tier Color

Kyocera Three Tier Color

Cost Savings You’ve Been Missing!

It is imperative that you understand what tool you are looking into purchasing. To help alleviate the stress and vast amounts of Kyocera’s Three-Tier Color program allows businesses of all types and sizes to save money on their cost per page. Check out the video below to learn more about what this Tiered Color System has to offer!

3-Tier Color Billing – A True Difference Maker

3-Tier Color Billing – A True Difference Maker

In the copier business, there are not too many ways dealers can differentiate themselves. One manufacturer might claim the best print quality, while another claims the best reliability. The bottom line is, copiers put toner on paper. All of which use the same processes, and they all do a pretty good job of doing so. Scanning, Applications, Faxing, Touch Screen Interfaces, and more are all similar across each machine.

One manufacturer did manage to create a game-changer that can be a real difference-maker for your business – 3-tier color billing. With this said, one of the manufactures did manage to create a system that has changed the game for your business. 3-Tier color billing!

How 3 Tier Color Billing Works

Kyocera introduced this concept in 2013. 3-Tier color is a system that monitors the amount of color toner used on a page, and bills the customer accordingly.

You read that; you only pay for what you use!

Our line of Kyocera products measure the amount of color toner on a given page and then assign that user to Level 1, 2, or 3.The system does this by measuring the amount of each color toner (magenta, cyan, and yellow) put on each page. This is all tracked through a metering device in the machine. The machine is then able to calculate on its own which usage tier each page was in. Below you can find a percentage breakdown:

  • Tier 1: less than 5% per color coverage on a page
  •  Tier 2: 5.1 – 14.9% per color coverage on a page
  •  Tier 3: more than 15% per color coverage on a page

We are confident that with this type of technology, you will be able to cut costs in areas you have never even thought about. Ask us today how we can better the efficiency of your business!

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