How AI Changing Access Control | 2024

How AI is Changing Security | Facial Detection vs Recognition

In the fast-paced world of technology, staying ahead is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity.  Access control technology has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, and as you navigate the landscape of security solutions for your Colorado business, understanding the nuances of AI, particularly facial detection versus facial recognition, enhanced video cameras, and database searching, is crucial.

In this blog post, we’ll shed light on these aspects, drawing references from cutting-edge solutions like OpenPath/Avigilon technology.

Facial Detection vs. Facial Recognition:

Imagine a security system that can identify individuals based on facial features, providing a seamless entry process for authorized personnel. Facial detection and recognition technologies have become integral components of modern access control systems. While facial detection merely identifies the presence of a face, facial recognition takes it a step further, associating a detected face with a specific individual from a pre-existing database.

OpenPath technology, for instance, integrates advanced facial recognition capabilities, allowing for a more secure and efficient access control experience. This not only enhances the security of your premises but also streamlines entry processes for authorized individuals.  OpenPath and literally open secured access for and individual. 

Why would you want this technology?  Let’s say it’s your job to understand who has accessed particular areas of your building.  Now imagine that a group of five people enter an area at the same time using a singular badge for entry.  They may all have clearance for the area, but you’re short of understanding who is actually now in there. 

This technology solves your dilemma. Matching the recognized information stored in the facial recognition database it can identify a person by hairline, shape of face, size of nose.  The more the person enters the technology “learns” and refines itself.  Eventually it creates an amazing ability to identify and individual. 


Enhanced Video Cameras:

Traditional video surveillance systems are evolving into sophisticated tools capable of more than just capturing footage. Enhanced video cameras, often equipped with AI algorithms, can analyze and interpret visual data in real-time. This means they can distinguish between authorized and unauthorized individuals, detect anomalies, and even trigger alerts for potential security breaches.

OpenPath leverages high-resolution video cameras that contribute to a comprehensive security ecosystem. These cameras go beyond conventional surveillance, actively participating in access control by providing invaluable data for decision-making.

Of course, high-resolution video cameras enhance security by identifying known individuals and authorized personnel, allowing easy entry upon verification, and denying entry to unauthorized individuals.  It also helps assist law enforcement agencies identify suspects if a crime should occur by matching faces against a database. 

It can also provide valuable insights when your business is looking to grow.  Data collected from facial recognition can provide insights into customer behavior, foot traffic patterns, and demographics, i.e. age, gender, ethnicity, even emotions of an individual. aiding in making informed business decisions for marketing, staffing, and resource allocation. 


Marketing ads can be tailored to specific demographic increasing their effectiveness.  Analyzing facial expressions, a business can gauge customer reactions to products, services, or marketing campaigns.  Retailers can also use facial recognition to track customer movements within stores, determining popular areas, and optimizing product placement or layout for better engagement and sales. 

Of course, when using technology respecting of customer privacy is first concern.  Proper use of technology will improve the consumer experience. 

Database Searching:

Access control systems are only as effective as the databases they reference. That is why going with a well-established, industry leader is important.  Advanced database searching, powered by AI, ensures that the system can rapidly identify individuals and grant or deny access based on predefined criteria. OpenPath’s technology excels in this aspect, employing advanced algorithms for swift and accurate database searches.

With database searching, your access control system becomes a dynamic gatekeeper, adapting to changing scenarios and ensuring that only those with the right credentials gain entry.

The integration of AI in access control technology, as exemplified by OpenPath, represents a paradigm shift in the way your businesses can approach security. By understanding the distinctions between facial detection and recognition, embracing enhanced video cameras, and harnessing the power of intelligent database searching, you’re not just investing in security; you’re investing in a smarter, more efficient future.  You are also investing in technology which can be utilized in a variety of ways as the need in your industries change. 

As a forward-thinking business owner, the adoption of these technologies positions your enterprise at the forefront of security and information innovation.  Enjoy the journey as you embrace the future of access control and identification information.   You can not only fortify your business but proactively assist its grow.  Open the Path to the future of AI.  OpenPath welcomes you in, individually! 


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