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ABT Client Testimonials | Villages At Woodman


My name is Christina Hernandez and I am the new manager of Villages at Woodmen. Recently we have been having issues with our technology on literally a daily basis. It’s been very frustrating and I am constantly on the phone with Comcast or IT support, having to trouble shoot one thing or another every day. If it’s not the internet, it’s the phones or the TV’s or the printer is offline…

Last week was the worst. I had sporadic internet (it’s working, it’s not) and was without a phone for almost a week, as the soonest Comcast could get here was four days out. In the course of them “fixing” things, they somehow disabled my printer, so when they had fixed all their issues, my printer wasn’t working and it was 5:30 Friday evening. They informed me that was not their problem to solve and I would have to call someone else.  (As it turns out, it was their problem to solve)  

I called Kyocera first thing Monday morning, got an immediate response, a tech called me within thirty minutes and was here within another thirty minutes. I literally had reached someone, had a service tech out here and my issue resolved within 90 minutes! Kudos to you!

It is so refreshing to have actually received responsive and immediate attention. And the technician, Wayne Graziano was exceptional. The issue was an easy fix, but the root of the problem was actually a Comcast issue that he was able to resolve quickly and easily (even though THEY caused the problem)

Christina H

He even offered to speak with them on my behalf if I had to have them come out again, so he could explain to them what the problem was.  I am very pleased with the attentive, immediate, and professional service we received and am grateful to have service that is focused on customer satisfaction rather than just passing the buck to the next guy. Keep up the excellent work!

Christina H.
Villages at Woodman

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