Case Study | University of San Diego adopts OneScreen GoSafe Devices

NBC News Coverage of OneScreen GoSafe at the University of San Diego

As school districts across the country weigh the advantages and disadvantages of in-person learning the students, faculty and staff at the University of San Diego are getting used to the new normal of masks and temperature checks when they go back to school.  Reporting from the USD Campus, Consumer Bob from NBC 7 in San Diego explains precautions University of San Diego is taking against COVID-19, using OneScreen GoSafe to help everyone return to their normal routines at school, but safely.

“Devices like this are replacing the need for real people to monitor the temperature of students, enhancing social distancing practices.”

Kevin Wong, from the GoSafe team is a regular in both the training and presenting of GoSafe devices.  Since their development in the early Covid-19 technology response, he’s been the for-running expert in temperature devices.  There are many devices that have made it on the market, many look like the GoSafe device, but lack the processing chip and quality that GoSafe offers. GoSafe devices are powered by the  Qualcomm SnapDragon Octa-Core processor with On-Device Artificial Intelligence.  

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