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Respected as a world-class imaging and surveillance solution provider, Plustek Inc. is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality, professional scanners as well as security devices for businesses, professionals and consumers. Since 1986, Plustek has been committed to customers and partners with innovative products designed to meet and exceed expectations. Plustek’s large investments in technology, coupled with a close-knit network of global sales, marketing and support teams, demonstrates their long-lasting commitment to end users and the imaging industry.

To provide business users with a new, efficient, and cost effective method of scanning documents, Plustek introduced the most powerful standalone network scanner to date, eScan. Plustek’s eScan devices pair seamlessly with Square 9’s award-winning document management software, GlobalSearch. This dynamic collaboration provides users with a one-stop document scanning experience. Together, eScan devices and GlobalSearch eliminate the middleman role of your desktop computer with the ability to scan documents directly into a GlobalSearch Archive from the touch screen of the eScan scanner.

Plustek developed the eScan GlobalSearch integration with a fast paced working environment in mind. With a mission to increase customer satisfaction and user convenience, eScan with GlobalSearch is user friendly and integrates seamlessly with existing workflows – whether cloud or on-premise. Users simply scan a document, select the destination, check-in, and index the document directly from the eScan scanner. This simplified new approach to capture integration enables the entry of metadata at the device touch panel, allowing users to strategically place and name their files.

The touch panel of the eScan scanner is modern, sleek and offers a simple design that combines document scanning, device control, and interface integration with GlobalSearch into a 7” touch screen tablet. With built-in wired and wireless connections, users simply load the document, tap the button, check the document in with metadata and can get back to work! This has saved businesses tremendous amounts of money by removing the need for an MFP or desktop scanner and replacing it with a shared scanner.

This unique Plustek integration was developed using the Square 9 API. Therefore, eScan displays the same archives and libraries, all document check in, and metadata options available to the user on their desktop – all while maintaining the same level of security and privacy. This has reduced the learning curve and minimized the amount of training necessary for new staff utilizing the product.

With eScan and GlobalSearch, users get the best of both worlds – a world-class imaging solution provider and industry leading enterprise content management solutions all bundled into one dynamic product!

eScan integration with GlobalSearch is the simplified approach to document scanning every business needs to organize and digitize paper documents. To learn more talk to a solutions specialists today by calling (303) 407-3250.

Interview: Johnson Yang, Vice President of Sales, Plustek, Inc.

Q. What was the goal of creating eScan and GlobalSearch integration?

Johnson Yang: Following up on the successful launch of the eScan Essential and eScan SharePoint lines, we designed eScan GlobalSearch for document management users who operate in a fast-paced working environment. Cutting out the middleman role of your desktop computer – users simply select a destination, check-in, and index a document directly from the eScan scanner touch panel into a Square 9 GlobalSearch Archive. eScan with GlobalSearch is intuitive, integrates seamlessly with the customers existing workflow, and can be used via cloud or on-premise.

Q. How does the device interface integrate with GlobalSearch?

Yang: Using the Square 9 API, Plustek was able to develop a software solution that combined document scanning, device control, and interface integration with GlobalSearch. The intuitive 7” touch panel of the eScan scanner mimics the same archive display that GlobalSearch users are accustomed to. In addition, all document check in, and metadata options are also presented to the user. Once scan job buttons are created, users simply load a document, tap the button, check the document in with metadata, and are back to work!

Q. How has your experience been working with Square 9?

Yang: We have been partnering with Square 9 since 2015. With Square 9 being one of the leaders in the document management market, we wanted to offer document management users with a new, efficient, and cost effective method of scanning documents. The team at Square 9 is always helpful, easy to work with, and answers questions efficiently. Plustek and Square 9’s support team are continuously working together to provide streamlined support for eScan GlobalSearch. Aside from Square 9 offering great solutions, they have gone over and above expectations providing technical and marketing support.

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