ABP is now Automated Business Technologies

New Website, New Brand, New Happy, Happy Vibes

Seriously though, what’s in a name?  EVERYTHING! It may seem a little silly to make a lot of noise over a single word, but that word, changing “Products” to “Technologies” but that single word changes everything.

Over the course of the last few years, ABP has been making some pretty big adjustments to how we do business, how we focus our customer relationships and what sort of services we’d like to offer you in the evolving business landscape.

Changing our name to Automated Business Technologies is a BIG step in communicating to you, who we are and how we see the business world evolving!

(Check out our new logo, so dang pretty, isn’t it?!?)

Business HAS Changed!

You feel it too, don’t you.

How you do business has changed.  How we do business has changed.  The global business landscape has changed.  From the time we got our start in 2005, copiers and printers (your basic office equipment) have gone from duplication devices to multifunctional printers (MFPs) and workflow processes champions.  Apps and integrations empower your business with tools to enhance your activities.  The technology today can integrate with your smartphone, with your laptop, across the office or across the globe.

And, with all that new technology comes the need for more and better IT services.  Security, oversight, data protection, cloud storage, cloud document management, search and retrieval.  Nowadays, your company’s Help Desk, could use a Help Desk. Compliance isn’t just about regulation but data safety and management. The dance of keeping customer data and protecting that data from nefarious actors.

Then there’s “That” Year

Did you really think it would happen? I didn’t. Certainly not like it did.

In 2020 we realized how important  the flexibility for businesses to make the adjustment to hybrid and remote working environments would be.   Collaboration tools agnostic of device manufacturer were no longer novelty and “nice tools to have”, they were essential. Understanding and managing the health and safety of your team and your customers became essential to being able to stay open and attempt to maintain business as usual.

We knew it was time to evolve.

More importantly than all of that, we realized how different we are from many of our competitors. 

At Automated Business Products, we felt like we had been selling the product (like our competitors) but reaching for the relationship (unlike our competitors).  The relationship with our customers, great customers like you, has really been the key to our success, and we wouldn’t ever want that relationship to stall with a closed deal. We’d like to be there for your company through the whole relationship.  We aren’t widget sellers.  We’re partners.

Ring in 2022 and
Automated Business Technologies.

A rose by another name, isn’t necessarily the same…similar, indeed, but very different.  

At ABT, there’s a new energy almost like a start up, even though we’ve been in business since 2005.  Our team is enthusiastic, looking for new and better ways to empower Colorado businesses.

Unlike a startup, we have customer relationships that are decades old.  There’s growth and improvements and even a brand new logo!

Who is Automated Business Technologies?

Our direction is forward, looking to the new technologies that improve your business optimization, enhance your IT departments and security, and toward the new relationships we hope to build.  

When you reach out to set up your Risk-Free environment assessment, you won’t get a quick phone chat and a quote.  Our team will set up a discovery meeting to understand how your businesses uses technology, and document management tools. 

When we know better what your goals are, we’ll know how to make better recommendations to you!

We’ll evaluate the devices you have, look at the integrations you could have and work with you to determine where gaps may be.  Further, our Managed IT Department will take the time to evaluate your security gaps, potential areas for data collection and management improvements, areas to strengthen your IT department and more.

We offer Business Solutions!

While each business is unique, we also understand the commonalities.  We can look to the successes of our current customers to make recommendations for you too.  As you make your way through our “New & Improved” website, we’ve curated a few recommendations, in our “Solutions” category to get the conversation started for your business. 

Architecture, Engineering and Construction Firms

General Business Firms

Energy, Oil & Gas and Solar Companies

Churches, Houses of Worship & Community Centers

Medical Offices and Healthcare Facilities

Law Firms, Legal Offices and Government Agencies

Schools, Education Providers and Education Support 

Real Estate, Title and Mortgage Firms

ABT will continue to work with “Best In Class” Manufacturers for the hardware your organization needs, over the years that list has expanded to:

Canon | Epson | HP | Kyocera | OneScreen 
OpenPath | Crexendo | RingCentral 

We’ve organized our new site to make finding the information you need, much, much easier.  Our “Products” category outlines the hardware and devices you may be looking for where our “Services” category highlights the support options that ABT provides to your business.  

Managed IT Services
are more important than ever!

Since mid 2020, ABT has been offering Managed IT Services to provide you with options for:

Network Monitoring & Security Assessments

Backup & Disaster Recovery | Business Continuity

Endpoint Security

Onshore Help Desk and Desktop Support

vCIO Services

And Custom Project Work

What about all the questions I have about new office equipment and services?

Sometimes, you just have a few questions.  As we continue to build out our new site, you’ll find the “FAQ” and blog section.  These Q & A’s, tutorials, and blogs have been created from common questions, requests for training and conversations that we think you might like to know about. 

We’d love for you to let us know what other tutorials you’d like to see, and what other questions you’d like the answer to.   Feel free to submit a form, jump into the chat (it’s a direct line to me or my email) or call, and we’ll be happy to add it and get you the information you need!

Love the one you’re with!
Our Company Culture Speaks Volumes!

Finally, our team and our culture are what make ABT the company we are.  In our “About” section, you can learn more about our Owner| Founder, Paul Archer, our President, Mike Piche, and our CFO, Andy Archer. 

Our Senior Leaders drive the vision of our organization.   With two fully functional offices and demo rooms in Centennial (corporate headquarters), and Colorado Springs we aim to provide the entire Colorado Front Range with great service and solutions that make a difference.  

If you’re already one of our valued customers, we invite you to our Client Portal, where you can pay invoices, and find administrative account information.

We appreciate you and hope that as we evolve to serve you better, we can count on your continued business.  If you have any questions, comments or general feedback, please feel free to reach out!

Welcome to the all new Automated Business Technologies, we look forward to working with you for generations to come!

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