Square9 Products

There’s a world of information in your documents. Square9 Softworks’ complete platform of document management solutions enables you to capture, extract, and classify that information, transforming it into usable intelligence that lets you work smarter, faster, and more productively.

Square9 Products

Below are their products specified. All of these are useful products we are skilled in operating, training, and installing.

GlobalSearch® – Organizations that depend on document-intensive processes rely on GlobalSearch Enterprise Content Management software to manage the capture, routing and archival of document data. The easy-to-use solution is customizable to address the most common business problems, eliminating inefficient paper processes while increasing productivity and workflow.

GlobalAction® BPM – With its graphical approach, the GlobalAction Business Process Management Engine creates and maintains a variety of workflow processes, from the very basic to the most complex. Providing in depth visibility into productivity, GlobalAction provides users the power to design end-to-end visual representations of business processes that are ready for automation.

GlobalCapture® – Transform paper-based files into convenient digital images through the power of GlobalCapture scanning software. Quickly and easily feed scanned images into GlobalSearch while utilizing the fully integrated batch processing tools of the Capture Workflow module. Eliminate document build up in your office, while driving an extraction of valuable data from a high quality scanned image.

GlobalForms® – GlobalForms puts the power of web form creation at your fingertips by providing anyone with appropriate security the ability to create rich and dynamic web based forms. Create a variety of eForms specific to your company from expense reports to employee onboarding applications and patient registration. With GlobalForms, users can automatically route forms, send email notification, and circulate for approval.

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