How to keep your employees safe (and productive) through flu season and beyond.

(Living in a post-pandemic world)

On Tuesday the CDC confirmed that the Coronavirus is now being considered an imminent threat to the American, and really the world at large.

First things first.

There’s no need to panic.  You’re likely concerned about maintaining the health and safety of not only your family and community, but also your employees.  In an effort to slow and prepare for the introduction of the illness to the US population, the CDC is offering recommendations of detection, tracking, and isolation of new cases.  While this is a great step, you’d probably like to prepare so you can stay as productive as possible during this epidemic (and any flu season).

Good news.  It’s 2020 and we have the technology to manage the waves of varying concern.

Are your teams ready to telecommute?

Before you even begin thinking about signing documents for any office equipment, it is essential that you take the time to choose the dealer that will best satisfy the needs of your organization. Time after time, Automated Business Technologies has surpassed the One of the first things your organization should do is set up a tactical game plan.  Do you have VoIP phones in your office that easily forward and transfer calls to any location?  Crexendo phones offer this as an easy way to stay in communication and can create an environment where calling from an outside line can still have your company’s alias, to keep confusion on your customer’s part to a minimum.

What about desktop printers?

At ABP we’ve long been known for A3 printers, but we also sell the A4 (also known as desktop) printers, copiers and scanners.  We can service and install those as well, extending your team’s abilities to be productive even under self-quarantine.

Google’s Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print is an easy app to install.  The beauty of this app is that when you connect a printer to your Google Account (a :60 process) you can start printing immediately, and you can print to any web-connected device.  Read: Print from home directly to your office or vice versa!  All your printers can be shared securely from your Google account.  Ask your rep about how to get set up in your organization.

Bizcom 1.2.3– Cloud Faxing

Concerned about remote faxing?  Bizcom offers personal solutions for faxing online that’s reliable and easy to use.  Essentially, from your email app, you can attach the documents you need faxed add a memo and address it to a phone/email type address.  Easy as pie.  Small group plans start at $15 a month making your entire team fax friendly remotely.

PinPoint Scan From Kyocera Document Solutions

Kyocera is an industry leader in creating quality, powerful, and

Scan to folders on your PC or your Mac or cloud storage directly from your home office or work printer.After hand washing (stock some sanitizes and disinfectant wipes around your office) social distancing is one of the primary recommendations for maintaining health and containing the spread (frankly of the flu and any other virus too).

In most businesses, the shift to laptops from desktops has given the workforce a large amount of flexibility.  But once those employees are home, how do you plan to maintain communications.  Not every meeting can be effective as a conference call.

Upgrade Your Legacy Phone Systems (PBX to the Cloud)

What about VoIP phones, have you had a chance to upgrade your legacy system?  On a legacy phone system, the line is assigned it’s own number.  Working remotely can make time management a challenge.

VoIP phones, like the Crexendo system, can eliminate the physical limitation.  Your team is as effective from home or on the road without stress.

What about collaboration?

OneScreen is a video conferencing, audio conferencing, web, and white board integration tool that can connect each of the dispersed members of your team through a secure, critical connection.

OneScreen is compatible with the device your team already has.  Training, Meetings, Communications, all at a single touch. By default, you can maintain productivity with your team, even remotely.

Collaborative Whiteboards are the tool of future, not just for your business, but for your school.

If you are looking at ways to incorporate more of your remote (read: self-selected separation) students into lessons, the OneScreen is a great tool, with apps specifically catering to educators, to stay connected.

With video applications, you can deliver your lesson, simultaneously collaborate and teach on the whiteboard, and then with a single touch delivery, send the recorded lesson and follow-up materials to your students.

  • Wireless Presentation
  • Annotation and Interactive Whiteboarding
  • Lesson Development and Delivery
  • Lesson Plans and Educational Content
  • Classroom Collaboration
  • Distance and Blended Learning
  • Capacity Building Programs
  • Remote Classroom Management

Don’t forget your congregation.  Keeping your parishioners connected, your community groups, all seamlessly without risk is as easy as integrating a few OneScreen touchscreens into your planning.

Virtually every segment and industry can keep their team safe, while maintaining productivity.  Let our team come to you for a risk-free assessment today.Let our no hassle, knowledgeable team give you and your organization a risk-free safety and security evaluation today!

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