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You have made the decision to move forward with a multifunctional printer (MFP) in your office.  This can be an expensive acquisition; you will want to find a vendor that not only can sell or lease the equipment but also supply service that will keep your multifunctional machine productive and running for the term of your lease program or longer.

Finding the Best Copier Repair Company

How long your copier lasts will be dependent on doing your research?

No matter the life expectancy of your copier, you will eventually need some copier repair. If you’re leasing your copier, you need to research and obtain a service contract, which provides insurance and peace of mind that your investment will be installed correctly, you and your staff will be trained on all the capabilities, if and when the copier goes down, what is the expectation for repairs.

The service contract should include toners, developers, service, parts, and labor.

Let us investigate the questions you should ask to make sure you’re getting the best program to fit your business.

Do your research.

With research in mind, and before you sign on the dotted line, here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re considering the service of your new investment. An outstanding service provider should have the following in place:  

  • Automated meter reading options
  • 24-hour online customer portal
  • Innovative recycling programs
  • No undisclosed fuel or delivery costs.
  • Local printer service dispatching & live customer service agents
  • Remote diagnostics and problem resolution through their Imaging Help Desk
  • Telephone support for printing/scanning issues
  • Scanner folder setup & address support
  • Communication

Investigate The Communication You Should Expect From Your Copier Support Team

What is the response time and guarantees when the digital copier malfunctions? How will you communicate with the provider you are deciding on when there is an issue? Will they be able to quickly respond to the queries and offer a quick solution to it?

An organization should have guarantees in place that the service technician should be contacting you within a specified amount of time of your service request, following with an average on-site visit window or compensations will be in place for reimbursements of inconveniences if that window is outside of the agreed amount of time.  

Check Reviews and References and Performance Records.

Is your repair specialist top notch in providing the services to restore the technical errors that not only may happen but are guaranteed to happen.  Always look for the best services providers to have peace of mind and best value for money.

Research google reviews, ask for references from the vendor of other customers that they service and do your due diligence and call these people. The company you chose should be completely transparent about providing the right copier and printer service to our you. Your service provider should be able to present:

  • Number of service calls performed last year.
  • How many clients were up and running in four hour or less
  • How many clients were up and running in six hours or less
  • Average response time
  • Percentage of first call resolutions
  • Number of certifications each of their technical service team members have earned.

Technician Certifications and Training

The technicians of the printer repair specialist should have the ability to diagnose the problem quickly and efficiently and have the ability to reprogram error messages that continue to pop up.

Service teams should also be able to assist your multi-functional system issues remotely or over the phone, saving you time and eliminating an on-site appointment.

Additionally seeing the digital system is attached to your network they should have expertise to be able to look at your network environment, software applications being used and any applications on your digital device that makes your office productive and efficient. The technician should be thorough in resolving the issues and communicate if the issue has been resolved or their may need to be a follow up visit.

Printer techs should be certified from a prominent repair institute or certified by printer manufacturer.  

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Copier and Printer | Parts and Supplies

Ask yourself, is the organization you are engaging in well-equipped with all the parts that are essential and available to keep your multi-functional system running correctly?

If needed parts are not readily available and out of stock in their inventory your multi-functional system will be nonfunctional (known as downtime) until they arrive, and the technician is able to install and mitigate the issue. This down time will not only waste your team’s time but will also reduce your office productivity.

The vendor that is to be hired should be well-equipped with all the essential equipment which can be utilized now or in the future.

What should maintenance cost?

The printer is essential to your workplace, and not engaging in an all-inclusive maintenance program to inevitably spend extra money on repairs is not sound financial planning.

Compare the rates and costs of various models and companies offering repair and their plans. There are many different programs and costs associated with the repair and maintenance of your multi-functional system and you will need to decide which program works best for your organization.

Here are a few maintenance programs for consideration:

Option #1- CPC Programs-

“Cost per copy/print” is a program that combines the equipment (copiers and accessories), services and supplies (except paper) into one cost. A CPC equipment maintenance contract allows a company to set the overhead cost of their printer lease and maintenance for the projected future, which gives them the opportunity of scheduling expenses against income and knowing that expenditure is fixed during a specified period.

Option #2 Individual Lease and Maintenance Programs

This program allows you to be able customize your monthly metered counts on your machine. This equipment maintenance contract allows them to customize their printing based on fluctuating printing throughout the term of the lease.

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Can You Cancel or End a Service Contract?

The short answer to this is yes, but there are a few caveats. Many copier dealers have a “no cancellation policy” which means you are obligated to pay the maintenance program until the end of the lease.

Look for a servicing dealer that has a cancellation policy that allows you to give written 30-day cancellation notice.  

Focuses your employees’ time on what they do best.

A maintenance program will optimize the time your employees use in doing their job instead of channeling their energy in maintaining the equipment that is used in their office. By hiring an expert to maintain your office printing machine it will help you to gain the best from your employees and using their time wisely.

Be Aware of Contract Obligations and Service Level Agreements:

Don’t skim the details of your service agreement. You may assume that they are all the same and offer the same warranties and guarantees of services, this may leave you or your company stuck with a service provider that has hidden fees and additional charges that you are unaware of.

Any questions or concerns you may have up front about the contracts should be asked and clarified before the agreement is signed. This allows you and the service provider to have an open understanding of what the services are included, and which services may be an additional cost to your company.

Once you have signed the agreement, it will be very difficult to cancel or change the terms. It is crucial to read over each and every part of the contract, or Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Once again…

Do your research to discover what digital copier company is a best fit for your organization, they are not all the same. The maintenance and service of your new multi-functional system will depend on determining the right fit for you and the confidence that your investment can be relied on upon at any time you need it and keep your office as productive as possible.


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