Entrepreneurial Operating Systems | Scaling your Business

Ever wondered why some businesses seem to scale while other companies in the same sector seem to hit a ceiling?   

Most business leaders understand the theory behind running a dynamic business, but few really have a disciplined plan to apply their strong knowledge base.    

We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. 


Although the idea is ancient, the application is illusive.  How do leaders establish habits, whereby they create greatness?  Adopting a business tool such as an executive, or entrepreneurial operating software system can help team leaders keep your business on track. 

Entrepreneurial Operating Systems | Scaling your Business  

Business optimization education seminars and books, with their accompanying software, are designed to teach leadership teams sound business theories, which when applied with discipline, produce results, typically measured by increased profits.  These programs are powerful tools for business optimization because they force participation in measurable, accountable metrics.    

The business principles commonly taught by these systems include

  • Solid Values
  • Clear Focus
  • Well-defined long-term planning
  • Seeable mid-range vision
  • Precise 1-year vision
  • Meaningful measurable, achievable 1-year and Quarter-year goals.   

All include a means to establish metrics and data while defining purpose and creating accountability.   Typically integrated into these systems are the right people in the right seat, and defined, executed business growth plans.  Software-driven frameworks accompanying the teachings give direction to your business leadership team, with weekly meetings, and keep the team focused and on track to reach their vision and goals.   

Implementing processes has been a long-time passion of mine. After leaving the fitness and wellness world to work at Automated Business Technologies, I have had the opportunity to implement the Traction® EOS Worldwide system at ABT. I recently lead the leadership team of another image and technology company in a business optimization session to train the management team on the software.  

In this process I was asked, “Will this system really help our leadership team and/or company stay on track to break through the ceiling?”  Basically, he was asking “Really. Will our company benefit by implementing this program?     

It parallels a question I was often asked as a personal fitness trainer, “I know I could stand to lose at lose 10 pounds, but will your program really work for me?” 

The answer to both questions is a resounding yes.  Disciplined adherence to sound principles works!   

So, which business development system should your team use? 

The answer is similar to the weighty question, “Which diet is best?”  The best diet and the best operating system are the system which has the process you will most likely do.  As long as the principles are sound, and you are disciplined in the process you will reach well-crafted goals!  Really, the principles applied do not vary that much from system to system…daily calories in minus daily calories out=caloric deficiency…. You will reach your goal.  Similarly, values, people and objectives defined, minus distractions = business optimization.  

What are some of the executive operating education and software systems on the market?  

  1. Bloom Growth—a spin-off of Traction®, EOS Worldwide 
  1. EOS Worldwide with the Traction® Tools 
  1. Pinnacle Business Guides  
  1. Accelerate Operating System 
  1. OKRs–Objectives from our Key Results.  

Accelerate Operating System

Accelerate Operating System is a methodology developed by business expert and author, Nicole Fenton, to help businesses and organizations streamline their operations and achieve their goals more efficiently. It involves breaking down the business into key functions or core processes and then identifying ways to improve those processes through automation, standardization, and simplification.

The goal of the Accelerate Operating System is to create a more agile, responsive, and productive organization that can adapt to changing market conditions and customer needs. 

EOS Worldwide

EOS Worldwide is a consulting and software business that came from Gino Wickman’s best-selling book Traction® Get a Grip on Your Business.  In his book Wickman explains how to strengthen what he describes as the “six key components of business”.  He not only theoretically defines terminology but gives concrete tools which can be applied.  Tractions six components are: Vision, Data, People, Process, Issues and Traction.   

Later Wickman developed a software program that facilitates what Wickman describes as a Level 10 meeting. Five of the components are included in the agenda of the meeting and the sixth, traction, is created as you have weekly L10 meeting, utilize the data, and achieve quarterly goals.   EOS Worldwide also provides a range of services, including EOS leadership coaching, and EOS workshops and events.  

Pinnacle Business Guides

Pinnacle Business Guides is a flexible program for business.  Their claim is that their guides eliminate the need for an MBA.  In their book Steve Preda and Gregory Cleary outline five principles to grow your business and give fifteen sensible actions for implementing them into practice.  Programs include how to quantify the value of your company and insights on how to energize leaders, and effectively communicate vision.  There is also companion software: “Pinnacle Published Guides powered by Ninety” to help with implementation.   

OKRs (Objectives From Our Key Results)

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) is a popular goal-setting framework that helps organizations align goals and objectives at all levels of the business. It entails setting measurable goals and defining key results to track progress towards achieving those goals. In his book John Doerr works to teach executives how to measure what matters.  OKRs can be used to improve employee engagement, increase productivity, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. The framework was popularized by Google and is now used by many organizations globally.  

There are many software systems that implement the concept of OKRs.  Google developed Google Sites, Wikis and Google Spreadsheets. And other tools, such as Workpath, Lattice, and Domo have executive operating systems which will help with implementation.   

Businesses benefit from habitually adhering to the principles taught by an entrepreneurial operational system.  But implementation is easier said than done.  Like anything, implementation takes time and dedication. That is why so many businesses fail to fully adopt the tools, and never achieve their full evolution.   Utilizing software makes it easier, by capturing key indicators, data, issues, opportunities, and cascading information in one location.  It can also keep all team members on task towards common goals and accountable.   

At Automated Business Technologies we use the spin off EOS software system, Bloom Growth.  Bloom follows the concepts outlined in the book Traction® Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman and the Traction tools, many of which can be found for free online.  Traction® has accompanying software, EOS Worldwide.  The EOS system has brought new energy to the Pinnacle Business Guide, Accelerate Operating System and OKR software.  Bloom Growth has diversified by partnering with Whale S0S (Standard Operating Sheet) for its process implementation.   

If you have any questions about implementing a process, please feel free to reach out with questions.  I do not sell, or coach a system, but love to coach people to become better.  I will be going into great depth on the Bloom Growth and Traction® system in future blogs.   

As a personal trainer and a business optimization software coach, I really do not think it matters which system you adopt.  If the system and the diet are based upon sound principles, you and your business will trim the fat, grow the bottom line and see diverse results.  The key is discipline application.   

“Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”  –Aristotle    


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