Access Control | Solutions You Should Be Considering for your Business 

Security for your business– why is this important? No matter what business you operate, on some level there is a need for security. Outside of retail or any operation is open to the general public, most businesses do not think about security until it is too late.

Typically, a crime is the event that triggers a business to implement a security solution that works during business hours as well as after hours. The ideal solution for this event would be access control.  Our chosen solution for Access Control is Open Path by Motorola.   Below we discuss more about access control and what your considerations should be, along with our recommendations.   

Access Control | Solutions You Should Be Considering For Your Business

What exactly is Access Control?   

Access control is a physical security system solution that allows or denies access to a particular building, entrance, space or location by either a swipe card, pin code or other device that authenticates a trusted user into that space.

This system overall, has complete control of that space and all those who are allowed to enter. 

What are the benefits to using a cloud-based  access control system?


  • Easy to manage 
    Typical on-prem systems can be extremely difficult to manage due to sever accessibility and having to be on-site where the server resides in order to make changes. 

    Your management responsibilities will include users, locations, doors, device types, readers, key fobs, swipe cards and mobile phones to deal with.  Cloud-based platforms are ideal from a management perspective, as you can manage all of these components easily, from anywhere. 

    Cloud based systems access control systems allow far greater flexibility for access of your entire system from anywhere in the world.  Most cloud-based platforms come with a mobile application so users have even great accessibility to administration.   Cloud based systems also provide top-tier security to protect against unauthorized user access, hacking or other intrusions.    
  • Detailed Activity Tracking 
    After your system is in place, you have access to reporting and activity logs that will track your employee activity, guest activity, visitors, deliveries, etc. 

    Anytime you might have an event that is not authorized, such as a theft, you will have logs that will display who has accessed your building, room, the time, the actual door and what method was used to authenticate this entry. 

    Small business genius statistics recently reported that 75% of all US business have problems with theft which also has resulted in 30% of bankruptcies due to employee theft.  Having an access control system in place will help alter this statistic favorably.   

Easily set your access schedule 
With an Open Path system, you can easily configure specific access times for employees, visitors, or groups of employees.  and even entire groups of people.

If you want to set access times for employees during business hours or if you are hosting guests for an event, you can easily adjust times and dates with just a few mouse clicks.

These adjustments can be done from a central dashboard and pushed out to any door, location or groups of users and will have no impact on your current security protocols. 

Grouping Users for Specific Access to Specific Areas  
Have a laboratory or area that holds highly sensitive information?  Your Open Path system can easily allow only certain type of employees access to these areas.  This can be configured per card, phone, key fob, etc.   

Get Rid of Traditional Keys and Prox Cards  
Tired of creating new cards, people losing them, forgetting them at home or just paying for them?  With an Open Path system, you can use a device that is rarely forgotten – a users cell phone. 

This can be used via NFC, Bluetooth or Cellular protocol to authenticate this user into your space.  This is also an easier management tool to lock out anyone immediately for any termination reason or departure from your business.  In addition, you no longer have to worry about keys being copied or changing locks.  A few mouse clicks will lock someone out permanently.   

Integrate Into Your Camera System, Alarm, Elevator, Turnstile or Parking Gate System 
Acquiring a new access control system has the full flexibility to integrate into your other security control systems.  The open API framework from Open Path will seamlessly integrate with the most popular systems so they can all work as one.  Open Path integrates with over 45 mainstream apps like: Slack, Google Workspace, OKTA, Envoy, Zapier, Azure, Meraki and more.  



View, Approve, Allow, Deny 
Have a location where you would like to manually allow people into your space?  No problem.  Openpath provides readers with built in cameras that provide powerful verification with two-way audio.  Users can then be manually unlocked and allowed, or using their cloud-based dashboard or mobile app, users can be granted access remotely from wherever you are. Videos can be recorded of entries or a snapshot of each entry and stored in a cloud location for easy retrieval.   

Secure, Certified and Compliant 
Openpath systems take security, privacy, and regulatory matters seriously. All of their hardware is UL 294 and FCC compliant, meets European and Canadian standards, and their readers are IP65 rated.

Beyond hardware, Openpath envelopes all data being managed responsibly, being fully SOC2 and CCPA compliant. All of these compliance measures help to meet any other physical security requirements, like GDPR, HIPAA and PCI. 

All locks utilize sub-second unlocks with patented triple unlock technology, even with internet and power outages.   

Great For Any Business, Even Touch-less Entry 
Enterprise, commercial real estate, multi-family residential, shared workspaces, retail or whatever type of space you wish to create, Openpath has the flexibility to meet your needs. 

For those who are contact sensitive, Openpath has a pre-configured, fully touch-less entry system.  Other entry systems like keypads, biometric readers and door handles are the most commonly touched area within an office building.  Openpath uses Wave to unlock, or geofencing attributes, to automatically detect a pre-approved NFR or Bluetooth signal for entry.  Openpath has even gone as far as assisting a fully, hands-free, frictionless corporate office building in New York city. 

See how they did it here—  https://www.openpath.com/case-study/kpg 

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