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New Year’s Bells, New Career

Each year the New Year’s bell is the global herald to evaluate the personal goals that you have to the activities that you’ve been doing to accomplish them. We get it. In fact, each year, like you, we lay down our 10 year goals, and measure them against our 5 year goals, to truly lay in place the activities needed for the coming year to achieve them. We share those goals with our entire team so that they too can see the “brass ring”, as it were, to help us all accomplish them.

If this is your year to make changes toward a brighter future, you may be wondering why you should make the move to work at ABT.

Why should you begin a career at Automated Business Technologies?   

ABT is growing and shows a predictable pattern of sky’s the limit opportunity in imaging and information technologies.   As a technology company, we see the value of pivots, opportunities to shift and grow our toolkits to be better partners to our customers and a better value proposition to sell or manage for you.

If you have a growth mindset and win/win attitude, you should be part of the ABT team.  If you believe in doing Business the right way—with integrity and competitive wages, and you want to have access to cutting edge Training; you should partner and participate in the patterns demonstrated at ABT.

But first, a little about ABT…

ABT is a best in class, locally owned, locally operated company with two locations in Colorado, Colorado Springs and Centennial, serving the entire Colorado Front Range.

ABT has been in the copier industry since 2005, previously as Automated Business Products.  Paul originally started in the copier business in Utah working for his older brother’s business.  After college, he began a tech start-up. Paul left the start up for a stint at HP, however he missed the energy and innovation of a start-up company. So, Paul and his family returned to Colorado to start ABP. 

From a strong foundation and humble beginnings, the organization has grown in strength to include 52 employees across the state (and growing). 

In 2022, ABP rebranded to Automated Business Technologies.  We wanted to better represent our focus to move forward, partnering with the innovative technology of tomorrow’s businesses. 

If you want to sell, and support the best office technologies, IT management and protection services, and solve information glitches opening up idea exchanges, know that ABT shares your desire.  

Now, back to your goals.

You may be looking at new opportunities and wondering how you can determine if you would be a good fit.  While we’re happy take a deeper dive in your interview, we also thought we’d give you some insight into the patterns we usually see working for our employees. 

Observing and evaluating predictable patterns might help you know if a career at ABT is right for you.   

What’s your style?

Really, only you can know what suits your style best, but working for a family owned and operated organization means you will never be just an employee number. 

“One of the reasons ABT is a great place to work is because it is family oriented.”  Says Cherish, Order Contract Specialist. 

“One of the reasons ABT is a great place to work is because it is family oriented.”  Says Cherish, Order Contract Specialist.

We are a family, and we care for all families.  From the CEO to employees across teams, we know each other. We support each other, and we support our customers for success.  We live win/win.  Better still, we know winning is fun! 

The positive energy from winning is awesome. But believe me, we also like to have a good time…that means Friday lunches, happy hours, and no shortage of company parties.  Every Friday one of our managers lights up the Traeger grill and serves up lunch and camaraderie.  “The culture is great, with lots of help and training,” says new-hire, sales representative, Zach Dailey.  See the pattern? 

Winning generates winning and is fun. Fun generates fun!  

What makes ABT different?

Our operations are locally supported in-house, here in Colorado.

From first contact to installation, training, service, and upgrades, we have your back!  You can walk into a customer’s office with confidence, knowing you have a quality team behind you and the unmatched ABT Guarantees. 

Working with your site manager you have to ability to do what is best for the customer. 

ABT will match any documented lower price quote on comparable equipment at any time prior to signing, and then for 30-Days. This applies to leases too! 

With multiple products and product lines, you have options and can work with your customer to tailor offerings which are perfect for your customer.  You are not limited by dealer authorizations, and can sell what the customer needs, not just what might be available for the company to offer. 

You are also not limited with a territory.  You can follow the leads you create.  Are you seeing a pattern?  We are experiencing growth.  We will support your growth, and together we defy limits.    

How do my deals work?

All sales and install begin at a one personal starting point, our Sales Administrator, providing great service and communication for you and your customer. 

Happy customers make for a better work environment. 

Automated Business Technologies like to say “yes” to their customers and their employees.  Our employees like to solve problems, and Automated Business Technologies rewards creative, innovative problem solvers with growth opportunities and compensation.  We will employ our team to find the best solutions. 

As a family-owned business, we are not limited by big corporate process.  We can evaluate the process.  We have the ability to dig deep into the question: “Why do we do the process the way we do?”  The answer is never because that is how it is always been done. 

We strive to answer, “because it is the best way for you, the customer, therefore ultimately ABT.  We ask good questions and answer them with purpose.   

What about ABTs after sales support?

We have the best techs in the area who support multiple lines of printers. Our techs love their jobs and customers love to see them.  They help people, businesses, and solve problems. Many of our technicians sought us out for employment at Automated Business Technologies, and have left local competitors to work with us.

As an innovative company, we are always willing to hire a quality tech.      

“Integrity is the reason I came to work for ABT.” 

We want you to be proud of the company you work for and will never ask you to do anything without transparency and integrity.  We respect our tech’s expertise and understand that we are not a company without their skills.  We continue support them with ongoing training, both in-house and nationally. 

If you want to learn and improve yourself, we want you at Automated Business Technologies. 

We feel strongly about continual improvement, and we support people who want to be their best with training.  We also support our customers when things are running smoothly, and they just need to keep things humming.  When they hum, you hum.  

“I LOVE working at Automated Business Technologies because I feel like we are a team really trying to support our customers in the best ways possible!!!”

Paige, Supplies Specialist

“I LOVE working at Automated Business Technologies because I feel like we are a team really trying to support our customers in the best ways possible!!!,” says Paige, Supplies Specialist.  We work hard together to problem solve and find the best solutions to help our AMAZING customers!!! It is a ripple effect.  When we help our customers and make sure they are all set, they can help others by doing their work!!! I LOVE IT!!!!” Wow!  What a difference making pattern!   

What about the Customers?

Automated Business Technologies recently earned a multi-million-dollar national account doing what other automation technology companies said could not be done. 

“It is exciting to be part of a problem-solving team”, says Todd Graves, Major Account Specialist.  “There is something special about being part of the team that landed one of ABT’s largest customers.  Knowing I had a role in winning the contract is great feeling. Working directly with Paul (Owner), Mike (President), and Andy (CFO) securing the DaVita contract was great fun, and I was able to learn so much in the process.”  

“I have learned just because a company such as DaVita is big, it may not have all the quarks worked out.”  Todd has been able to offer personal service to DaVita in problem-solving sessions.  He has helped DaVita create and implement disciplined processes which make their day to day easier.  Todd has also helped create processes which streamline ABT’s workflow allowing ABT to manage any new major account it lands. Both companies will be able to manage and growth and become more profitable.  ABT has the tools, and you can help put them in place, developing a solid platform to manage major accounts from the ground up.   

Todd has used tools he has learned from DaVita and implemented them into the Air Methods account, making both companies stronger.

“Working with Air Methods has been extremely rewarding in and of itself. I have learned so much about managing a large account. As strange as it is, I love being in meetings. I get to interact with high level executives on these accounts daily. I learn so much. I also enjoy the IT networking side of things.” 

Todd has used his problem-solving skills to help Air Methods and their network connectivity issues.   Todd believes working with ABT has given him the opportunity learn, grow and further his career. 

“I have been able to learn more about networking infrastructure than I ever thought I would know.   I get to physically network devices. With HP’s help, I am gaining in-depth knowledge on Webjet Admin and SDS, allowing me to better service to our customers and improve the day-to-day operations of Major Accounts.” 

A career at Automated Business Technologies is a great fit for people with at growth attitude and believe winning is fun.  If you believe in ethical customer focused business practices, being compensated fairly and want ongoing training to defy limits. 

The Friday BBQ Lunches are just a huge bonus.

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