ABT Solutions For Churches & Faith Centers

How you communicate with your congregation matters! From bulletins to music sheets, posters to hand outs your documents need to be created with visual intention to dramatically support your vision.

Paying too much for Printing?

Creating beautiful and meaningful pamphlets, bulletins, event posters and group handouts is a priority, but you shouldn’t lose control over the costs. Keep valuable dollars in house with cost saving solutions! We can help you control and manage printing access, add money-saving solutions, and keep your printing costs manageable.

Our team is ready to deploy 7-days a week. Keep production rolling with support technicians ready to assist you Monday – Sunday. Weekends are part of our promise to you. Additionally, we are happy to support your team even if you didn’t get your equipment from us! Let us get you a servicing quote today!

Outsourcing your brochures, posters, banners and marketing materials is an expensive endeavor and a thing of the past. Create and finish everything you and the groups you support need in-house. Stapling, folding, binding and booklet making all within the organization.

National Church Purchasing Group

We are locally owned and operated and have been since 2005. We’ve consistently partnered with faith centers to be a resource you can trust. We look to become a partner to your congregation through ongoing integrity and trust. Our partnership with the National Church Purchasing Group provides your organization with additional support.

Communicating with the members of your congregation is essential to your leadership and community building efforts. Creating beautiful and engaging documents can be the difference between enthusiastic community and apathy. Copiers are so much more than they once were, with integrated applications, and 3-tier color options, they can be central to your team’s community building and fundraising efforts.

Extend Your Reach | Live Streaming & Formation Solutions

Nearly everyone has used a whiteboard to strategically plan in a meeting. Now imagine the possibility of planning, collaborating, and sharing across multiple locations all from the whiteboard. Video conferencing tools have evolved and found their way into nearly every type of organization. Intuitive and ultra compatible with nearly every type of operating system, the OneScreen has become a valued resource of organizations and educators globally. Imagine the different types of classes and groups that meet at your location and the value they would find in enhanced functionality and collaboration. Better yet, imagine the groups you could attract with enhanced technology.


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