Collaborative Smartboards

The world is a better place when your team and your clients can collaborate, annotate, and communicate on smartboards created to work with the device you bring!

Your team should be able to collaborate the way you need, Now!

The collaboration environment is changing constantly.  Whether your team is a few key players in your office,  a global organization, or strategically located remote players our Collaborative Smartboards by OneScreen is designed to be your “Go-To” tool.

In the office, the OneScreen is the ultimate whiteboard.  The OneScreen allows you to annotate presentations across multiple shared touch points, agnostic of the manufacturer. Screen capture, internet ready, with the ability to host up to 50 participants in Hype mode meetings.

The OneScreen is a whiteboard collaborator’s dream.

Imagine a whiteboard, that allows for you and all those participating to annotate from their own device. Conference calls on steroids. Record, save, share and stream all in multiple formats.

OneScreen Collaborative smart boards are ultra-compatible. They were designed to easily integrate into your existing collaboration tech portfolio from hardware to software. Windows, Mac, Android, iOS & Chrome OS are all included.

BYOD is an acronym for Bring Your Own Device. Specifically when speaking about OneScreen smart boards, BYOD means that your whole team is supported for the meeting on the devices that they’re working with. Support on Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iOS, Chrome OS. Each smartboard has built in Android 8.0 OS with full access to the Google Play Store with multi -login support.