Avigilon's Alta Cloud Video and Access: Revolutionize Your Access Control

Welcome to the future of security and operational efficiency with Avigilon's Alta Cloud Video and Access. Our cutting-edge solution is designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses, combining state-of-the-art technology with unparalleled ease of use. Experience a new era of access control that brings together the power of cloud computing, video surveillance, and intelligent access management in one seamless, integrated platform.

Experience Avigilon Award Winning Access Control

Unlock unparalleled security and efficiency for your business with Avigilon Access Control solutions. Avigilon stands as a beacon of innovation in the security industry, offering advanced access control systems designed to protect your assets while streamlining operations. Their state-of-the-art technology provides real-time monitoring, ensuring only authorized personnel gain entry, thereby enhancing workplace safety and reducing risk. With intuitive interfaces and scalable solutions, Avigilon caters to businesses of all sizes, offering customizable options to meet your specific security needs. By integrating Avigilon's Access Control into your security strategy, you embrace a future where safety and efficiency coexist, safeguarding your business's tomorrow with the technology of today. Elevate your security measures with Avigilon and experience peace of mind knowing your business is in safe hands.

  • Fast, reliable patented Triple Unlock technology that supports multiple secure access methods
  • Touchless mobile experience with digital badges, guest passes, and two-way intercom capabilities
  • Secure cloud-based software with remote management and automatic system updates
  • Real-time activity alerts, tracking, and visual monitoring
  • Seamless integrations through our open API platform.
  • Beautifully designed hardware installs effortlessly to support anywhere from a single door to a multi-site enterprise

Alta's Key Features

Streamlined Access

Enjoy effortless entry with our touchless access solutions. Alta Cloud Video and Access uses advanced biometrics, mobile credentials, and automated entry systems to ensure that only authorized personnel can access your premises, minimizing wait times and enhancing user experience.

Heightened Visibility

Gain comprehensive insights into your facility with live video streaming and intelligent analytics. Monitor real-time footage from anywhere, at any time, and make informed decisions with data-driven reports on access patterns and security incidents.

Scalable Operations

Whether you're a small business or a multinational corporation, our platform grows with you. Easily add or remove access points, integrate additional hardware, and manage multiple sites from a single dashboard, all without the need for extensive IT infrastructure.

Enhanced ROI

Invest in a solution that pays dividends. By reducing administrative overhead, streamlining security protocols, and minimizing the risk of unauthorized access, Alta Cloud Video and Access delivers tangible savings and a compelling return on investment.

Intelligent Cloud Capabilities

Manage your access control system from anywhere with our cloud-based platform. Enjoy automatic updates, robust data protection, and the flexibility to access critical security information on-the-go, ensuring your operations are never disrupted.

Product Offerings

  • Alta Cloud Control Panel: The heart of your access control system, featuring an intuitive interface and powerful integration capabilities.
  • Biometric Readers and Mobile Access: State-of-the-art authentication methods that offer secure and convenient access.
  • Live Video Surveillance: High-definition cameras and storage solutions that provide clear, continuous footage of your premises.
  • Intelligent Analytics: Data analysis tools that help you understand access patterns, detect anomalies, and improve security measures.

Avigilon Entry Management Solutions

Fastest, most reliable mobile access. Sub-second unlocks with patented Triple Unlock technology, even through Internet and service outages. Remote system management. Manage your entire database from any web browser, on any device, wherever you are. Integrated video and access. Powerful visual verification with mobile monitoring, remote unlock, and two-way audio. Easy to install. Standard wiring eliminates the need for servers or a dedicated IP network for a frictionless install. Smart security for every door. Complete access control with video, voice activation, turnstile and elevator solutions, plus Schlage® wireless lock integrations.