Frequently Asked Questions

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We are a certified dealership for Epson, HP, Canon, Xerox, and Kyocera.

ABT has been locally owned and operated in Centennial, CO since 2005. Initially, we purchased the 23 year old Panasonic Digital Document Company branch in Denver. In 2022, Automated Business Products rebranded to Automated Business Technologies to better reflect the full range of offerings suited for the changing business environment.

ABT Guarantees
  1. Price Match Guarantee: ABT will match any documented lower priced competitive quote on comparable equipment at any time before the order is signed.
  2. 30-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee: If for any reason you decide you are not satisfied with the machine purchased, you may return it for a full refund of the original purchase price. This applies to leases too!
  3. Risk Free Lease Upgrade Guarantee: You are eligible to upgrade to ABT’s latest line of digital equipment with equal or higher capabilities at any time during a 12, 24, or 36‐ month lease without being responsible for the balance of monthly payments owed on the equipment portion of the lease.
  4. 30-Minute Telephone Response Time: ABT technicians will call you within 30 minutes of placing your service call to confirm estimated time of arrival.
  5. 7-Days-a-Week Machine Service & Repair: Most companies stop at 5 days a week. Not us! For those with demanding schedules and deadlines, we offer machine service & repair 7-days-a-week, 8am ‐ 8pm at no additional cost.
  6. 4-Hour Maximum On-Site Response Time for MFP’s: If we miss the maximum response time on a specific device during a calendar month and your machine is down, Automated will provide service and supplies for that device, free, for that month.
  7. 95% Uptime Guarantee: Automated guarantees 95% equipment uptime. Specifically, if your machine is inoperable for more than 5% over the course of one year, we will provide 2 months of free service and supplies.
  8. All-Inclusive Monthly Service and Supply Contracts: You have the option to cancel for any reason at any time with 30 days written notice. No additional charges for accessories, drums or toner. All supplies (excluding paper & staples) and transparencies are included.

Automated Business Technologies offices and demo rooms in Centennial and Colorado Springs are open :
    • Monday: 8am – 5pm
    • Tuesday: 8am -5pm
    • Wednesday: 8am – 5pm
    • Thursday: 8am – 5pm
    • Friday: 8am – 5pm
    • Saturday: Closed
    • Sunday: Closed
We are closed for most national holidays.  Our Service team is on hand 7-days-a-week to maximize your uptime and keep your machines running.  

Our showrooms are closed on Saturday and Sunday, however, we are here for you with emergency service hours.  Should your machine break down outside of normal business hours, we invite you to reach out for service 7a – 7p, 7 days a week at (720) 744.2017.

Printer and Copier Questions

Sometimes it feels like these two devices should be the same thing, they’re used synonymously.
  • Copiers are devices that typically reprint or replicate a document that is already existing . Like a scanner, your image is provided and the copier recreates it exactly.
  • Printers are different from copiers because they source their file from somewhere else, usually from a computer, smartphone or other device that shares a wireless or hard line connection.
  • While some business types prefer one over the other, most businesses use a combination of devices to suit their inner office variable needs.

Yes, ABT can store and/or recycle your old equipment until the time at which the lease is complete. We store these devices locally in our warehouses and return them upon lease completion.

Yes, we can do a print environment assessment to determine which devices are on your network, some businesses even find that there are devices they didn’t know about. This information can help you determine which devices are in the right places, which devices should be moved, which aren’t reporting, and can help you reduce overall costs.

We are a certified dealership in for Epson, HP, Canon, Xerox, and Kyocera.  Our technician teams are also certified to repair nearly every manufacturer’s devices.

Each situation is different, so the short answer is that there’s no single cost for leasing, buying or renting a copier. And honestly, you wouldn’t want there to be a one size fits all. Some businesses engage in heavy production. while others do light copies. Some require different finishing options, managed print services and more. The most effective way for you to find out what a business copier will cost your business is to reach out to our team for a risk free environment assessment that will result in curated plan just for you. Assuming you still would like to play with the numbers, you can start your configuration here.   We recommend you reach out and let our team provide you with a risk-free print environment assessment. 

So glad you asked.  We want to work with each of our customers as a valued solution provider.  This means that we want to do more than just set you up with a copier or printer.  Understanding how many devices are on site, how you use them, what apps help you manage your workflow, what compliance and date security considerations should be made, and how much you are using your devices changes the dynamic of the conversation considerably.  We would consider it malpractice to offer you a device quote with limited information. Best of all, the “risk-free” assessment is just that.  Free. We provide you with invaluable insight into your environment and provide you with cost-reducing solutions.  You keep that information whether you choose to work with us, or not.

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Simply put, of course you can rent a machine instead of buying one. It really comes down to your timeline. If your need is short term, a few hours or a few weeks, then renting may be a good solution for you. If your printing needs are more long term, then we recommend leasing. This gives you the flexibility to upgrade, realizing the value of device improvements and new integrations sooner, rather than later.

We do, and we’re so glad you asked! While we don’t typically offer paper supplies, we do offer Managed Print Services to help you manage your supply needs. As toner supplies run low, we can ensure that toner is automatically shipped to your office. With that, we offer ongoing maintenance plans to help keep your device online and your team productive. We even offer Managed Print Services (MPS) for devices that we did not provide to you.

Keeping your team productive is important. This is why we guarantee a 30-minute telephone response time from the placement of our service call to confirm estimated arrival time. Additionally, we guarantee a 4-hour maximum on-site response time for MFP’s. If ABT misses the maximum response time on a specific device during a calendar month and your machine is down, we will prove service and supplies for that device, free, for that month.

Transparency is pretty important to us too, which is why there aren’t hidden fees in our agreements. Our Account Executives will clearly explain any part of our agreements, from terms of service to the fine print to ensure that you understand the terms that you are agreeing to, and we encourage you to ask questions to clarify anything that doesn’t make sense.

Yes, we do price match at ABT! Automated Business Technologies will match any documented lower priced competitive quote on comparable equipment at any time before the order is signed.

Service Questions

On-site copier and printers service for all makes and models, begins at $175, wide format begins at $250.  If our technician finds that parts or more time is needed for the repair, that will be communicated with you prior to the service.

All ABT shop calls for printer and copier device repairs begin at $100.  Bring your device to our office at 11999 E. Caley Avenue, Suite A in Centennial, or to 1047 Elkton Dr., in Colorado Springs.  If parts are needed, those costs will be communicated with you prior to service.

ABT has a minimum on-site wide format service charge of $250 dollars.  Our technician will come to your business, anywhere in our service area, to repair your machine.  If parts are needed, those costs will be communicated to you prior to service.